It’s a Mistake to Ignore Blogging

By Mark Evans - Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 7:00 am  

bloggingTwitter is the new belle of the social media ball because it’s new, shiny and a compelling option for many people looking for a user-friendly social media tool.

But for many companies and individuals, the downside of the fascination with Twitter is that blogs have become less sexy. As a result, they are getting less love and attention.

This, however, is a mistake.

For companies and individuals. blogs are an excellent platform to provide information, insight and perspective. They offer the opportunity to really show what you know and what you think, which is important at a time when there’s demand for information that cuts through the noise.

And blogs are an effective way to have open conversations with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors and the media.

The reality is blogs need to be nurtured on a regular basis – posts need to be written, comments need responses, and new ideas have to be generated to provide good content.

Sure, blogs take time and effort but there are rewards for doing it well. And it’s not always a matter of attracting lots of traffic or being cited by other bloggers.

Blogs that provide valuable information can also produce other benefits: respect from readers who appreciate the insight, a stronger brand, new opportunities created by being an active member of the blogosphere and part of the social conversation, and a higher-ranking within search results.

In many respects, blogs are becoming digital business cards. When someone wants to learn more about a company or individual, often it’s a blog that gets reviewed.

If you’re looking for more thoughts on the importance of blogs, WebWorkerDaily’s Amber Riviere has a good post – “Your Blog is Your Mothership” that includes some solid tips on ways to provide your blog with the TLC it needs.

Another good read is Om Malik’s The Evolution of Blogging, which looks at how blogging is changing as the social media landscape matures and moves forward.

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