Live by the Cloud, Die by the Cloud

gmailFor all the talk and excitement about cloud computing, it still surprises people when online services run into trouble.

A perfect illustration is GMail, which suffered a major outage that left a lot of people frustrated, disappointed and angry. The outage showed that a lot of people are using GMail, many of them relying on it exclusively. So when GMail disappeared, their access to GMail disappeared as well.

When GMail finally came back to life, Google said:

“We’re still investigating the root cause of this outage, and we’ll share more information soon. Thanks for bearing with us.”

This is the third time this year that GMail has gone down with an outage. In February, it suffered from a major outage, and then was off-line for about 20 minutes in May.

Despite the outage today, the sentiment (via Sysomos MAP) for “GMail” today from the social media landscape was 36% positive, 44% neutral and only 20% negative.

Below is the BuzzGraph generated from MAP that shows the major keywords today for “GMail”gmail buzzgraph.jsp

  • 20 minutes May? A little while today? Hmmm, guess I didn’t even notice! But I guess checking email once or twice a day is old school! I’ll take an outage once in a blue moon for the incredible free service. No, I don’t work for Google… 🙂 -PB

  • Complex systems have outages. This happens in any datacenter around the world, so why not with Google. The biggest difference between having your own datacenter out and Google out, is that in the first case you can call your IT people and ask them how long it will take. Their answers are often way too optimistic, but you have the feeling they are in control. Who do you call when it’s Google? That’s where the unrest lays, in the lack of information, not in the fact the datacenter goes down. Google and other cloud providers should think about how to address this uncertainty.

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