The Buzz About the Oscars

With the Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) happening Sunday night, there’s lot of buzz about who the winners might be.

Will “Avatar”, which has sold more than $2 billion of tickets worldwide, take home the hardware, or will the voters go for something like “Up in the Air” or “The Hurt Locker”? What about “Up in the Air” or “Precious”?

We decided to focus on the Best Picture category, which has been expanded this year to 10 nominees from five. Using Sysomos MAP, we took at look at the nominees being talked about by the blogosphere over the past month. Our search query featured the name of the film and “oscar”, “oscars” and “academy awards”.

Not surprisingly, Avatar has attracted the most attention with 25.6% of the activity. The Hurt Locker was second with 18.1%, followed by “Precious” (12%) and “Up in the Air” (11%).

This suggests that bloggers are pretty confident that “Avatar” is going to take home the Oscar, although “Up in the Air”, which stars George Clooney, may be a serious threat.

We also took at look at overall buzz for the The Academy Awards. The keyword driving the most conversations is “locker” with a strong link to “chartier”. Given all the talk about “Avatar”, this is an interesting development.

After doing some research, we discovered that there’s a lot of buzz about how Nicolas Chartier, a co-producer of “The Hurt Locker” has been banned from attending the Academy Awards after he sent an e-mail to the Academy encouraging its members to vote for the fillm rather than “the $500-million film” (a reference to Avatar). According to the Academy’s rules, this is not allowed.

So, who do you think is going to winner the Oscar for the best picture?