Social Media, Not Just for B2C

For most, if not all, consumer-facing companies, social media makes complete sense, which is why there’s so much attention on what high-profile companies such as Dell, Comcast and Starbucks have been doing.

But what about the world of B2B?

Does social media have a place within the marketing, communications and sales activity of businesses trying to reach out and engage with other businesses? The short answer is “definitely” but the way B2B social media is done will be different than the B2C market.

eMarketer suggests that tone is important because the way businesses talk to other businesses is different than how they communicate with consumers.

As well, the benefits of B2B social media are obviously different with more focus on results (leads, sales, product feedback etc.) than soft metrics such as better customer service.

After writing about how Naked Pizza uses social media recently, I heard from its creative agency who said while B2C is important, social media is also an effective B2B tool that has let Naked Pizza engage with a “new generation of stakeholders” such as investors and suppliers”.

Below is an interesting eMarketer chart showing the different social metrics for B2C and B2B companies.