The Social Web is on Team Coco

For people such as myself that get lumped into that category of Gen Y/Millennials, there is only one name in the world of late night talk shows. It’s not David Letterman. Not Jay Leno. Not even Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel. The one man that rules my late night world is the ever loveable redheaded goof, Conan O’Brien.

In spring of 2009 Conan took over as host of the Tonight Show on NBC, which was previously hosted by Jay Leno. In January of this year NBC wanted to push the show back to 12:05am from it’s long running 11:30 spot to give Jay Leno another show in late night. O’Brien felt that the move would hurt the integrity of the show and subsequently left and gave the spot back to Leno.

For the next eight months the world had to live without their beloved Coco in their living rooms. But that all changed this week. Monday saw Conan return to television with his new show, aptly named Conan, on TBS.

While on his television hiatus, Conan got involved in a few social media channels including starting a Facebook fan page, a Youtube channel and even a Twitter account, gracing the world with gems like:

Not only did Conan get involved with social media, but people were talking a lot about him there as well. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, we took a quick look at how the social web has reacted to Conan.

The following graph shows how the social web had talked about Conan over the past eight month. The spike at the beginning of the chart is around Conan’s last show on NBC. The spike at the end is around his return this week on TBS. The spike we see near the middle of the chart is when his TBS show was first announced.

Originally I thought that most of the talk would be coming from people located in North America, but a look at our geo-search world map shows that a good portion of the world also had Conan on their minds.

To prove my point that Conan is most beloved by those around the Gen Y age range, a look at age segmentation shows that 60.7% of the conversation came from 21-35 year olds. Second was 36-50 year olds at 23.5%.

Finally we thought it would be interesting to see what the world thought of Conan’s return to TV. Using our sentiment analysis engine to analyze mentions of Conan this week, we found that  people seem to be happy with positive sentiment holding 43% of the conversation.

Conan embraced social media and it appears the social web has embraced him back. Welcome back Coco.