Sysomos MAP & Heartbeat Updates: Social Footprint, Aggregated Analytics and Scheduled Tweets

If you’re a Sysomos subscriber you may have noticed over the past two weeks some new and exciting features trickling into the software. Today we want to highlight some of the big features that we think people will be very excited about in our MAP and Heartbeat platforms.

Social Footprint: The ability to connect the dots between where people are and what they do online is becoming more and more important. Being able to connect a Twitter account to the blog they write can come in handy when trying to contact people in many different situations like finding and talking to influencers or when dealing with a crisis situation. Users will now be able to connect these dots in both MAP and Heartbeat with Social Footprint. Social Footprint will allow users of MAP and Heartbeat to connect the author of posts viewed in the system to their other accounts around the web on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube,, LinkedIn, Quora, Foursquare and many others.

In order to view an authors Social Footprint just click on the second tab beside an individual post (the one that looks like a person) and both MAP and Heartbeat will pull up the author’s other online profiles.




Aggregated Analytics: Previously in MAP most data was available by individual mediums, but sometimes you want to know the big picture across more than one network. MAP now allows users to view data from more than one source at the same time. You can now view data such as sentiment, geography, word clouds and buzzgraphs across multiple channels at the same time.

These new data sets can be found on the right hand tab of the MAP dashboard. Users can select to look at the data from all sources or just the ones of interest at the time; such as blogs and Twitter, but not news or forums. Simply select the channels you’d like to aggregate the data from at the top of each page and click apply.





Scheduled Tweets: We all know that it’s hard to be in front of a computer all day long, but that doesn’t stop the need for information to go out at certain times. This is why we’ve introduced the ability to schedule tweets right from within Heartbeat. Simply navigate to the Twitter tab in Heartbeat and find the “Post a Tweet” section under the user profile. Enter your tweet into the box then select if you want to post the tweet immediately or at a future time. If you want to schedule a tweet for a future time select the date, then the time and then click “Post Status Update.” It’s that simple.

Those are just a few of the exciting updates that we’ve recently released. Some other updates now in MAP and Heartbeat include:

  • A cleaner look and UI for YouTube search in MAP
  • You can now remove words from the buzzgraph in Heartbeat just as you could previously in MAP
  • Detailed Entity reports in Heartbeat under the Text Analytics tab
  • The ability to email PDF’s of reports directly from Heartbeat
  • And secure HTTPS logins for both MAP and Heartbeat

An email containing details about these and other features will be coming out to all MAP and Heartbeat subscribers, but if you ever have any questions about updates please reach out to your account manager who will be more than happy to tell you more and teach you about all of our updates.

We have even more great updates scheduled to be released very soon, so stay tuned!

  • Nice updates Team Sysomos! Keep them coming…

  • Sheldon Levine

    Thanks Michael!
    We’ve got lots more coming too!

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • Ryan D

    Thanks Sheldon!

    Can you tell me if there’s any functionality to schedule a Facebook post?


  • Sheldon Levine

    Hey Ryan,

    It’s something we’ve been asked about and are working on implementing. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline for that feature right now, but I can tell you it’s coming.