Google + Motorola Gets People Talking

The future is mobile. We hear that all time in the social media and tech fields, and if it wasn’t very apparent before, it became so this week. In a huge move, and the biggest business story (so far) this week, Google made it’s place in the mobile space even larger by purchasing the mobile division of Motorola. Motorola was most known for their cell phones, especially in the early 2000’s. Recently they have been manufacturing devices that run their own operating system, but have been doing a lot of work around phones and tablets running Google’s Android OS. Now Google has made a power play in the mobile space by purchasing the phone and tablet maker rather than only putting their mobile OS on other peoples hardware.

This event wasn’t taken lightly in the business world, nor by the techies in social media. I decided to take to MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, to see just what people have been saying about Googles latest acquisition. By looking for posts in the past week that contained both Google and Motorola I found over 23,500 blog posts, 22,800 online news articles, 14,000 forum posts and 111,600 tweets.

While my search was done to look at the past week, a view of all these mentions graphed out over time shows that most, if not all, of the talk occurred in the past few days. The highest peak being the morning of the announcement.

To get a sense of just how big this news was, I looked to see how far the word had spread. Usually tech company stories tend to be talked about a lot in tech areas of the world, but when you’re Google and make a big move such as this, it gets a lot of people talking. The map bellow shows where tweets that contained Google and Motorola were coing from round the world, and as you can see, the deal had people around the world talking.

Next I decided to look at what people were saying about Google’s acquisition. By pulling up a buzzgraph, which shows us the words used most in connection with our search term, I was able to get an idea of what all the posts were talking about quickly. It seems that “12.5” seemed to be the most talked about thing, which is the price in billions that Google paid for Motorola’s mobile arm. From there we can see that the most connected words are “mobile” and “Android”. Another word with a strong connection is “patent” because a lot of people were speculating that Google purchased Motorola Mobile more for the patents they own on mobile hardware than the actual phones they’re producing now. Interestingly enough, we can also see that there was a great talk about Google’s competition such as “Apple”, “Microsoft” and “Samsung” (which runs Android OS, and isn’t full competition yet, but may become so now that Google will be manufacturing hardware to run Android as well).

Finally, I looked at the sentiment that surrounded all the posts. Looking at this we can see that a lot of people think that Google buying Motorola Mobile was not a bad idea as only 9% of all of the conversation was negative.