Facebook on the Brain

Is social media more ingrained in our lives then we even realize? Are we approaching new frontiers of how social media is changing us in ways we can not even imagine? According to this study performed by a group of scientists and researchers, the answer might just be yes.

If in fact social media and its popular forums like Facebook, are altering our memory, social interactions and emotional responses than we are truly on the precipice of something even more historical than we thought. The ramifications of social media might go far beyond branding, connecting and communicating, it might be rewiring our brains and making us different people altogether.

Can you believe that social media was once seen as a fad, a digital version of Tamagotchis and The Macarena? Now, it has transformed just about every relationship and industry, while possibly changing the way we interact, remember and think.

The greatest tenet of social media in its current incarnation (lets say dating back 12 years) is how surprising it is at every turn. From the medical world to parenting to the stock market, social media has a profound tentacle in everything.

Back to the study, and please keep in mind that information at this point is a bit scant. It more alludes to than enlightens, but the questions it raises are concrete and interesting. The study found a link between grey matter in a subject’s brain and the amount of Facebook friends. Grey matter is responsible for mental processing.

This being said, the scientists were adamant to convey that they are not sure if social media (or the internet as a whole) is good or bad for the brain. All they are assuming at this point is that there is something going on in our modern, digitally connected brains.

For the time being, you need to still study, learn and work hard to get results, not just stare at Facebook. Yet as more research comes forward, Facebook might even become a means of heightened intellectualism.,