Happy (Social) New Year!

New Years is a friendly time of year. Everyone likes to wish others a happy New Years, regardless of if you know them or not. You say it to the clerk at the grocery store, your neighbor that you only see once in a blue moon, even the random group of strangers you pass on your way home from your new years party. If we do this in real life, it’s not hard to imagine that we also take to social media to spread New Years cheer to the entire world. And we do. In fact, in Japan when midnight struck, the Japanese sent 16,000 tweets a second and actually crashed Twitter. So just how much New Years well wishing was being passed through social media? I took to MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software to find out.

Looking for mentions of “new year” and “new years” on December 31 and January 1 I put together some numbers of people mentioning it through social media channels. From those two days alone I found 299,583 blog posts, 44,376 online news articles, 342,361 forum posts and 9.2 million tweets mentioning New Years.

Looking at where all the talk was coming from I found that the US had created 53.9% of all the mentions. The UK had the second most mentions with 11.5% and then Canada with 5%.

However, because such a large amount of media comes from the US I thought that this even seemed a little weighted. Because of this I decided to look at the geographical distribution on Twitter. Here, the top three countries remained the same and in the same order, but the US had been taken down to 43%. As well, the other category above (across all social channels) accounted for 19.7%, while just on Twitter the category accounts for 27.8%. And although Japan was able to crash Twitter with so many New Years tweets at their midnight, they didn’t seem to produce as much as some other countries over the span of two days.

A heat map of Twitter New Years mentions shows us that tweets were in fact being produced by people around the globe.

Pulling up a buzzgraph of the overall conversation I found nothing but good wishes coming from the social media world. Words like “happy,” “happiness,” “wishes,” “celebrate” and family.

Another word that I found in the buzzgraph that was popping up a lot was “resolution.” The new year is a time when a lot of people make resolutions and I found that a lot of them made them publicly through social media this year. I added “resolution” and “resolutions” to my original query and found 41,972 blog posts, 4,518 online news articles 18,431 forum posts and 321,265 tweets about New Years resolutions. Think they’ll be kept?

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at Sysomos! Hope 2012 is great for you!