Is Flickr Dying? Is Pinterest Partly to Blame?

flickr, pinterest, google+I got a call from a friend yesterday asking about how companies were approaching Google+ these days.

My answer was that Google+ has become a necessity because it seems Google’s search algoritm now favours content posted on Google+ in wake of Search Plus Your World being launched.

So what does Google+ have to do with Flickr?

The more I thought why many companies weren’t really engaged with Google+, the more it struck me that Pinterest is a more compelling option because it provides brands with an engaging place to promote their products and ervices using photos, graphics and video.

That led to the realization Pinterest could shove aside Flickr as the way for brands and individuals to share their photos and videos. As much there isn’t a lot of buzz about Google+, there’s no buzz about Flickr.

And a quick look at, shows that Flickr traffic has tumbled by 25% since last May to 18.7 million unique U.S. visitors. Now, 18.7 million unique visitors is still a large number, and there are many people who love Flickr even though there are more interesting options such as 500px.

At the same time, Flickr’s decline shouldn’t be that surprising. Since being purchased by Yahoo!, Flickr hasn’t changed that much at a time when social media has emerged around it. In many respects, Flickr hasn’t kept up with the times and, as a result, it doesn’t have the same appeal.

Note: Flickr will be introducing a new look and feel next week. (via TechCrunch)