Social Media Can Reinvent Anyone

Social media receives credit for many things, including its ability to have a major impact on societal and political issues.

What tends to sometimes get overlooked, but always makes me think twice, is its absurdity. This reality came to mind after reading this post about Mike Tyson on Mashable.

Tyson is such an infamous personality, constantly mocked by the world, that if social media can rebuild his fan base then you know it is powerful.

According to Mashable, Tyson has recently attracted four million fans across several popular social media services. There were also roughly 100 worldwide trending topics attributed to him.

Tyson isn’t the first fallen and B-level celebrity to use social media as a launching pad for new-found respect and stardom. Albert Brooks, Joan Rivers and Lindsay Lohan are amongst hundreds of others.

What is it about social media that makes it prime for comebacks?

The unfiltered microphone, the huge audience and reach and the fact it’s in real time and global are the obvious factors. The main reason though is social media embraces the weird and all things out of left field.

For someone like Mike Tyson, it goes beyond just tweeting and uploading. It is pure brand building. Social media is where you strategically build a brand and let your audience heighten its importance.

So if social media can work for Iron Mike, who’s next? I am waiting anxiously for John Rocker to finally hook up his Internet, and begin to let us know where he went wrong, and where his opinions now lie.