The Dark Side of Facebook

By Mark Evans - Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 7:30 am  

Facebook is not only a corporate behemoth but completely ingrained into the live of nearly one billion people around the world. As a result, it would not be wise to ignore some of the negative possibilities about Facebook.

From this terrible event and other examples of predators using it as a hunting ground or people lashing out publicly, it is important to be mindful and safe.

Recently, a man who uploaded a photo of himself siphoning gas from a police cruiser and was then arrested, made headlines and caused a few chuckles.

While some of these might be simply fun and games, others are tragic and need to be viewed as cautionary tales. This includes the story linked above, and there are others.

Facebook mirrors a dangerous side of the Internet, and while it is only a small part of the activity, it is still real. Craigslist has been a harbor for some of this activity as well, highlighted by Philip Markoff, known as the Craigslist Killer.

Many Facebook users are savvy and can recognize many of the red flags. But for those who don’t, it would be a good idea to read up on it or maybe even find a class on cyber safety.

Facebook does its best to create a safe environment, and the permissions and preferences do exist for you to modify to your liking. These can help protect.

This is not meant to scare or cause any panic.Facebook should be enjoyed, and used as a way to connect and to share. With more than 800 millions users, it’s impossible to avoid any moments that aren’t tragic or demoralizing.

Enjoy social media but employ the same awareness you would offline. It’s a simple game plan that works.

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