Will the Giants Ever Converge?

Lets label this post under the “what if” category, but for a minute let’s ask the question: what if Pinterest was bought by Google+, which partnered with Facebook? Anti-trust laws aside, can any of the giants ever decide to ease the competition?

After reading this post about how PinView turns a Facebook Timeline into a Pinboard, it struck me that so much of each network’s unique quality has already been captured by their competitor in some way.

Facebook utilizes the “@” symbol, Pinterest has the PinView app to elbow into Facebook, Twitter has learned from its neighbours’ advertising model, and the Facebook stamp can be found all over Google+ (whether they admit it or not).

Is PinView, the start of something greater among the social media networks that we hold so dear?

The mimicry is evident and social media has been founded on the principles of building a better mousetrap. This being said, I don’t foresee a time when true convergence happens, especially as more and more networks begin to go public.

The digital landscape is a highly competitive industry, one where those at the top are driven by large profits and investments, not the desire for corporate mergers. Imitation is merely part of the strategy, and can be labeled as flattery, I suppose.

While the industry gets even more flooded and with Facebook remaining entrenched at the top, there will be more imitation and movement between the networks happening.

This is inevitable in any industry, but you have to tip your hat to Pinview for its bold move in the app world, and  just wait to see what’s going to occur next.

  • I also read somewhere recently about a study that found that sharing measured in terms of pins, increased 30% on average in particpants when Pinterest plugin was used on Facebook fan pages.I think it was pinview as I don’t think there are many other such plugins.