New Look, New Sentiment Languages and More Updates. Oh My!

Lots of updates to Sysomos products including sentiment in Spanish and German, a new look for the MAP dashboard and more engagement features 

We updated our Sysomos software just a little over a week ago by introducing Engagement Central and we’ve already made some more great updates to both MAP and Heartbeat. In this update we’ve added sentiment analysis in two more languages, Spanish and German. We’ve also added a few more bells and whistles to Engagement Central in Heartbeat to make engaging with your audience a better and richer experience. As well, we’ve given the Dashboard in MAP an all new (and pretty snazzy looking) makeover. Keep reading to learn more about all our new updates.


Multilingual Sentiment 

Earlier this year we started to expand on the languages that our industry-leading sentiment analysis engine could understand. In February we started analyzing sentiment in French, on top of English. Now we’re pleased to add two more languages to our capabilities; Spanish and German. We put a lot of hard work into creating new sentiment engines for each language and not just doing basic translations of our English engine to ensure that you get the best possible results.The multilingual sentiment will be automatically turned on in MAP (please note that, because you may see changes in your reporting right away). For Heartbeat, the Multilanguage sentiment is still opt-in and can be turned on with the help of your Account Manager.

Edit Your Word Cloud

Every once and a while a word gets mentioned a lot in conjunction with your query, but it doesn’t quite fit in with what you’re reporting on. Heartbeat and MAP now give you the ability to remove words from the word cloud to help make your reporting more accurate.

New Features for Engagement Central

Just a few a weeks ago we unveiled Engagement Central, a useful way to engage with your Twitter and Facebook audiences without ever having to leave the Heartbeat program. We got a lot of great feedback on Engagement Central and are excited to say that we’ve already managed to make it better and more useful. The new features include:

  • Post Rich Media to Your Facebook Fan PageHeartbeat has allowed you to post new status updates directly to your Facebook Fan Page in the past, but now you can add rich media and links. Simply add the link to your status update in Engagement Central and it will show up with the full preview right on your Fan Page.
  • See Conversation History on Twitter Have you ever gone to respond to someone on Twitter, but couldn’t remember earlier parts of the conversation because they were hours or even days before? That’s no longer a problem as we’ve added conversation history between you and the person you’re talking to right in the tooltip below the message box.

You’ll find the conversation history directly under the response box in the Engage tooltip

View Workflow History inside the Tooltip

Just like knowing the past of a conversation is important, so is knowing exactly what you or a team member has done in the past. Engagement Central now allows you to see the workflow history of interactions with your audience. For example, if one of your teammates gave a coupon to a Twitter follower in their last interaction, you will know about it in subsequent interactions and can leave notes for the next teammate as well.


Compare Facebook Fan Pages

The Compare tab in Heartbeat now allows you to add Facebook Fan Pages into your list of items to compare. If you have multiple Facebook Fan Pages (for instance different pages for different countries) you can now compare the activity from each of these side-by-side. As well, you can compare your Facebook Fan Page activity (wall posts and comments) against each other or any other of your tags in Heartbeat.

Please note that this feature is only available to Facebook Page Central subscribers.


As well, we’ve now made the Sentiment Measurement tab information exportable to a CSV for your reporting purposes.

Analyze a Google+ Page

MAP now gives you the ability to analyze a Google+ page just like it does for Facebook. Simply enter the URL of yours or any Google+ page in the Analyze A Fan Page Section of the Google+ tab. Inside you can view sentiment for the page and a buzzgraph made up from recent posts.


Brand New Look for the MAP Dashboard

The last update we have to tell you about today is probably the most exciting. As of today the Dashboard in MAP has an all new look. Not only does the dashboard look nicer, but we also give you more top level information about blogs, Twitter, online news, forums and videos right off the bat. See the screenshots below to see the new Dashboard look.

You’ll also find that the Most Authoratative page under the Twitter tab has a new look too.

If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and have any questions or require assistance with any of these new updates, please feel free to contact your account manager who will be happy to assist. If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber but would like to take a look at our software, please feel free to contact us.

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