What’s the Next Great Network?

Here’s a thought: what’s the next great social media network waiting to be deployed and, in the process, turn the industry on its head.

This is an interesting exercise for anyone looking to be on the cutting-edge of the fast-changing world of social media, which relies of the ingenuity of all kinds of people and entrepreneurs.

One idea struck me but it might be far too out there to gain any traction: a social network in which you could only speak to another user, via YouTube videos that already exist?

For instance, if someone asked what is there to do in Toronto, you could only reply with a video which featured the place you wanted to recommend.

This idea may be out there but but several years ago the idea of micro-blogging using only 140 characters seemed too silly of a concept to ever take off.

You can’t simply find a round of financing by simply offering to build the new and shinier Facebook. Many have tried, but it took newcomer Pinterest to really show us a new way to connect with people and the things we love.

Maybe my idea would only work in spurts, or maybe it needs to be tossed in the trash. Someone will find a way to engage the social media world in ways we can’t possibly imagine today. How about a network where you can only communicate after designing your own memes and emoticons?

Rack your brain for a minute, what’s your idea for the next great social media arena for all of us to play in?

  • A “video chatroom” might be neat, given how webcams are more prevalent nowadays. There are chatrooms now where people can talk using a microphone, so video seems like the logical next step for sombody to try, if it hasn’t been tried already.

    It would probably be abused like crazy though…

  • Some kind of mobile 4D interactive experience.