Has Blogging Become Dull? No.

After attending BlogWorld recently, Mark Schaefer came back with an empty feeling about blogging. In particular, he lamented the fact there is nothing new about blogging.

It’s an interesting observation from someone who is a prolific blogger, but I think Mark is articulating what many people may be thinking about blogging these days.

Truth be told, blogging is sort of dull.

This is not because blogging isn’t relevant, interesting or important but because it has embedded itself into the media and content landscape.

Whereas blogging was still seen as novel five years ago, it’s now just a part of the family. This isn’t a bad thing but simply a fact of life.

Mark wonders what will take blogging to the next level – and he’s not talking about a fancy new plugin or comment platform.

I would suggest there are two important considerations for anyone wondering about what’s next for blogging:

1. There have been many changes to blogging over the past few years. They’ve happened on other platforms that use different formats to create content. These platforms include Tumblr, Twitter, Posterous and Pinterest. We may not think of them as blogs but they’re more or less blog-like.

2. Just because there’s nothing new about blogging doesn’t mean it’s less interesting, relevant or popular. The value of blogging – and the reasons it continues to thrive – has everything to do with how it lets people and brands efficiently create and distribute content that is shareable, accessible and engaging.

In time, I’m pretty sure something new will come along that will change blogging and bloggers. In the meantime, however, I’m not worried about blogs losing their lustre.

  • Blogging will never be dull as long as it’s people who are blogging. The only thing that might be dull for a while is the platforms or tools available to blog with, but someone will always come up with something new if there is a need.

  • Thanks for continuing the conversation. I think blogs can be as diverse and interesting as the people behind them, but I’m concerned specifically about the delivery mechanism. for example, many people (perhaps most) are reading blogs on mobile devices. Just this fact has serious implications for the consumption of our content. What’s next?

    Thanks again for the great post.