Why Journalists Need Social Media

To be a successful journalist in this modern, techno-savvy world, it is becoming the new reality that you need to embrace social media, and have a presence on several networks.

To keep things simple, it is important for journalists to understand social media, especially since they might be breaking less stories because of it.

What are the best ways for experienced and new journalists to embrace this evolution of reporting?

Essentially, a journalist has to be a blogger, and a blogger has to be a journalist. This means sharing opinions on the Web, while also building an online presence.

While blog, Twitter and a Facebook Page have become, or will soon become, standard parts of a journalist’s toolkit, the most valuable social asset is the monitoring.

Monitoring is the most interesting since it provides real-time feedback, and let you place a digital thumb on the pulse of what people are talking about. Still. there are many journalists in North America who are still resisting the change.

Both the new and old guard should take note and utilize social media to its greatest ability – build an audience, tell a story and see the results.

What do you think? Do journalists have no choice but to be on social media?