Pinterest: The King of E-commerce Influence

We all have our favourite e-commerce Websites or places that we go to when we want to find new, shiny things to buy.

Most of us have accepted that these sites influence us and introduce us to new products and services.

Facebook was seen as one of the most influential players when it came to consumers’ buying decisions, but a recent survey by BizRate Insight has unearthed a brand new development.

Pinterest is influencing buying decisions greater than any other popular forum.

While Facebook is still the king of all social networks (ignoring their recent stock market issues for a moment), Pinterest naturally gives people the fever and will to purchase products online.

This might be the best way for Pinterest to position itself going forward, especially as the expected competition becomes much more fierce.

As for any brand or marketing and communications department, this is where more time needs to be invested to discover an increase in e-commerce sales. You have to build tactics focused on Pinterest and the appeal of posting photos, videos and graphics.

As we all know things in social media change fast, but Pinterest’s hold on our buying psyche might only tighten as we go forward.

It would be a good idea for everyone not to resist but delve deep into Pinterest and find out if it is the best place for you to discover what you want to buy next.

More: Tara Hunt had an interesting post in Forbes about how Facebook is a social graph while Pinterest is an interest graph.


  • Kathryn

    Does Sysomos include Pinterest in its search capabilities?