Here We MO Again

Here we are again. Another November full of moustaches. Of course I’m talking about MOvember, the month where men all around the world rent out the space on their upper lip in support of charity. MOvember has become the month synonymous with raising awareness of prostate cancer and the number of participants and the money they help to raise for research continues to grow every year. Of course, us here at the Marketwire and Sysomos family will be participating again as well.

I did a little digging using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, on the social media lead up to the start of MOvember. Over the month of October I found 261,570 mentions of MOvember. It was mentioned in 2,027 blog posts, 1,807 online news articles, 3,442 forum posts, and 254,294 tweets.

When I looked at those mentions over time, we can see that people have been getting ready by talking about MOember all month, but the biggest push has come in the last few days.

I also found that MOvember is being talked about the most by the countries that raised the most amount of money last year. We can see a lot of MOvember chatter coming from the USA (31.8%), the UK (26.1), and Canada (16.6%).

The best thing that I found in my little search though was the sentiment around MOvember. From all the talk I looked at over the past month, an astounding 44% of it was positive. Only 10% was negative, but most of that was from people’s fear of moustaches.

Last year the Marketwire family raised over $11,000 on behalf of the MOvember charity. This year we intend to do even better. If you’d like to help us raise some money for this noble charity we would greatly appreciate your donations. You can find our Marketwire MOvember network here and then donate to our American or Canadian teams as whole, or find your favourite Marketwire or Sysomos employee and donate towards their moustache. Thanks so much in advance!!

And, for anyone who wants a little more information on how MOvember started, how it helps and the role that social media plays, check out this video with MOvember’s founder and CEO Adam Garone I made last year:

Movember from Marketwire on Vimeo.