Social Media and the Holiday Shopping Battle

As everyone and their mother knows, we are in the greatest shopping period of the year from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

It’s a stretch of time of non-stop consumerism and purchasing; everyone is looking for deals and advice.

How do stores, brands and marketers win this pivotal quarter and help ensure the highest gross of profits?

The most important thing to realize is that now is the time to figure it out, before it is too late.

This is a fight that now takes place digitally, and whoever can gain the upper hand via social media will reap the most rewards.

Every major brand and store has a holiday campaign, and if social media is not front and centre, then there is a good chance it’ll be all for naught.

The greatest proof is the amount of online purchases that happen every year, and this number is intensified as we near the end of the calendar. If this is the preferred method of purchasing then you have to use social media to influence buying decisions and offer portals to buy the goods and services.

The underlying point is that you need to make the holidays your biggest sales, then you have no choice but to embrace social media and make sure it is working for you.

The big challenge facing many brands is how they rise above the digital crowd when so many rivals are also using social media. In many ways, the stakes keep on getting raised, which means brands and marketers need to be more creative, aggressive and think out of the box to capture the spotlight.

It will be interested to see which brands call pull this off and, as important, whether it will help their cash registers ring.

Any suggestions on the leading candidates?