Social Media Hoaxes Muddy the Waters

For all of the good that social media can do, it can be frustrating when so much effort, time and energy is spent on perpetuating hoaxes and myths.

As we all know, this happens quite often on many forums. Worst of all, it can be dangerous to those trying to use the technology and services to connect with target audiences.

Digital marketers and PR practitioners have to be especially careful of the information they pass along, and what they believe to be true when focusing on the online world.

The phony images of Hurricane Sandy that was thought to be real and spread like crazy is proof enough. The image to the trained eye was generally viewed as sincere and genuine. Now, there’s a lot of red faces.

Part of social media is tuning your brain to decipher the real from the hoax. This is a strategy that every brand and user needs to hone ito achieve success and longevity.

Trying to find the real stories and people should be everyone’s goal. The hoaxes will always exist (and can sometimes be entertaining) but be weary and don’t pour gasoline on the fire.

A lot of reputable online brands have fallen victim to these hoaxes. Fact checking is now a must.

Have you encountered or been frustrated by a viral hoax on social media?