Social Media Lessons are Everywhere

There are daily lessons for all brands and marketers to learn from  the world of social media.

Of course, these lessons are  good and bad. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you and those you help with marketing and communications.

There are even vital lessons with recent events in the Middle East where social media has once again played a key role much like it did during the Arab Spring.

Israel was live blogging the recent attacks, adding a perspective that is far more interesting and intimate. The fact that the reporting has shifted from journalists to active participants really makes this a signifiant development.

This might be where you should take note. Empowering people with internal knowledge definitely has more lasting power.

Real-time updates. Personal opinions. Stories unravelling and publishing right before our eyes. Now from the perspective of the first person. This is where an organization can really open itself up and gain a lot.

Another lesson might be that it is possible to go too far. Live blogging these kinds of events raises the question of where should we draw the line. There is always a line that you should be aware of.

As marketers and brands, we aren’t dealing with matters with such global implications but it’s always important to be mindful that when it comes to storytelling online and publishing, you have to keep the brand first and never reveal things that could be misconstrued.