Samsung’s Shines with Social Savviness

There are many great brands in the digital world. Many of them not only understand social media’s reach and power, but also understand how to best implement and utilize the tools at their disposal.

Most important, these are brands that digital marketers, advertisers and PR practitioners can and must learn from.

Now, you may not have the power and money that some of these brands, but in many cases it comes down to the right strategy, team and effort.

If you are a big brand and have the resources, then it is even more vital that you look to other organizations who have made a mark in the digital arena.

In the past few years, Samsung has done a great job of growing within in a crowded market that includes Apple as a key competitor. While other brands have lost relevancy, Samsung continues to get stronger. Social media and the web has played a large part in this.

Not only does Samsung have a diverse and strong Facebook presence for their mobile products, cameras and also for different global markets, they also create wonderful content that gets noticed. If fact, it seems they really emphasize great content.

This brilliant viral video has garnered over three million hits, and shows an effective way to connect with online audiences.

Samsung never rests on its laurels, and neither should you. Build a strategy, build a team and get to work in social media.