Does Social Media Breed Business Leaders?

A recent post by Dorie Clark offers three possible reasons about why social media is spawning better industry leaders.

It’s some of the best 10 minutes of reading that a digital marketer or brand can spend.

Clark believes the benefits of social media are it makes us sell better, listen more and, generally, move faster.

These are all valid points. Anyone who has ventured into social media successfully could support any or all of them. If you haven’t experienced these personally, then you should probably re-think your approach.

The thesis is that social media can create a new generation of different thinking business leaders. This might be an understatement if there ever was one.

How we view business has radically evolved due to the emergence and popularity of social media – something Clark hits the mark on. Social media has pro-actively forced us to change how we interact with target audiences, and how we present ourselves.

These are important considerations for all digital marketers to learn and understand.

It can be argued that beyond those three points, social media has always made business leaders more communicative, open-minded and proactive (which in of itself is a radical shift). As well, we have come to better understand who our audience is.

It’s difficult for brands to grow online without strong business leaders, and social media is the avenue to help them become stronger, responsive, open and more modern.

What do you think? Is social media creating a better or different breed of leaders?

  • Hi Mark, thanks for the kind shout-out. Very glad you enjoyed the article!