Is Sulia a Hidden Gem for Digital Marketers?

Social media is packed to the brim with places for people to spend time, connect and share stories and photos. Many of these services help people aggregate content across several services.

With the playing field so crowded and people only able to use a handful of services, you have to believe that a few quality players are going to slip through the cracks. That said, it is important for marketers and PR practitioners to leave no stone unturned.

There’s a social network that isn’t getting much press or attention, but is definitely on the upswing because it offers an interesting and more niche perspective of the world.

This mysterious player is Sulia, a subject-based social network that has intriguing potential. It’s definitely under the radar given it has less than 700 Facebook fan. Sulia makes it easy to filter and find content that are relevant to you, your brand or your cause.

In a year’s time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sulia attracts a lot more of the social spotlight and its user base is through the roof. Of course, it already has more 10 million users so it’s not exactly the smallest fish in the pond. But, I would suggest the real audience is out there waiting for it.

For organizations, it can be a great way to easily locate opinion leaders and influencers on key subjects that are relevant to you.

Have you tried Sulia? What are your thoughts? Do you know of any other under the radar networks?