In Social Media Less, Might be More

How much of a social footprint do brands need or, for that matter, can handle?

Should a brand have a variety of voices? Does every product or advertising campaign warrant its own presence? Is a corporate parent page enough? Can a brand’s social media presence ever get too big or unmanageable?

A recent article by Natalie Zmuda adeptly examines Reebok’s online presence, and its quest to simplify it. It is an eye opening read for digital marketers everywhere.

By describing the approach Reebok took to expand its digital footprint with every promotion and campaign, regardless of length or size, it becomes apparent that while this strategy isn’t necessarily bad, it also might not be right.

It’s hard to argue that other brands don’t take the same approach.

There are some very pivotal points we should take out from this article. For starters, the first thing a global brand engagement-media manager at Reebok did was audit the presence. A task very few do, and those who do don’t do it enough.

From there Reebok realized they needed to slim down, and create a laser focus of what they were trying to do. Reebok seems to be thinking that it wants to put a greater emphasis on their best products, as well as the more important launches and campaigns.

From Zmuda’s article, Reebok is happy with the new direction, which they are expecting to pay off in spades.

While this strategy or shift is admirable and there is a lot of credence to it, you have to discover what works best for your brand. The best lesson might be to stay flexible and not be scared to start over.