The Nicest Person in Social Media 2012

Clifford Brown of Waukesha, Wisconsin says that he thinks that he’s a pretty nice guy and that he always tries to mind his manners in social media. It turns out though, that Clifford is actually the nicest man in social media for 2012.

You know the old Christmas lore that the kids on Santa’s naughty list get a lump of coal in their stocking? Well, Kingsford Charcoal, a client of ours, got sick of their product always being associated with the naughty side of the list and decided to do something about it by flipping Santa’s list on it’s head. Kingsford decided that they wanted to give the nicest person in social media a BBQ, grilling supplies and of course, a whole lot of coal.

Kingsford came to us for help developing a algorithmic script to dig through billions of Twitter conversations to find an “average joe” that said “please,” “thanks” and “thank you” the most on Twitter throughout 2012. Once we narrowed the list down to a few finalists we also looked for those who didn’t cuss and had an overall positive sentiment rating around them. In the end, the nicest man on Twitter wound up being Mr. Brown, who said “please,” “thanks” or “thank you” over 1,500 times.

Santa surprised Clifford last Friday with his coal:

This was a really great idea to put a twist on an old tradition and we were really happy to be a part of it.

Kingsford didn’t finish with Mr. Brown though. They also want to know who you think the nicest person in social media is. You can nominate someone by tweeting at them with your nomination and the hashtag #BeNiceGetCoal and a random winner will also receive a year’s supply of charcoal. You can check out their blog for the official contest rules.