@SeinfeldToday Rocks Twitter

I always try to find the most creative uses of social media, and figure out if they can be applied to digital marketers.

While it is always important to stay creative and ahead of the curve, it is just as important to stay on brand and focused.

A high-profile Twitter account jumped into the spotlight recently, proving that creativity and thinking outside the box can go a long way.

The account was @SeinfeldToday, and it tweets possible plot lines for the hit “Seinfeld” show if it was still on the air today. This was not a tactic by the creators, former cast or even NBC.

The lesson here for digital marketers and brands of all sizes is that users will pay attention to something that comes from out of left field. In fact, they demand it.

Simply using social media to broadcast promotions and news will not have much of an affect on the masses.

It should be a weekly mandate for every organization to brainstorm creative ways to connect with your audience via social media.

Maybe it’s a funny but relevant Twitter account, maybe it’s an ingenious photo contest or it’s a series of videos that with the right thought and creativity can go viral.

If anything, @SeinfeldToday is a glimpse into what users are looking for. As digital marketers, brands and PR practitioners it would be wise to listen and get your thinking cap on.