How Should You Treat Twitter?

So your organization has a big or small news story that it wants to get out to the world. Would you use Twitter to break the story?

A recent article in The Hollywood Reporter written by an industry executive claims a tweet is not news. All digital marketers needs to know where they stand on this issue.

The criticism is mainly directed at celebrities and some larger than life personalities such as Donald Trump. Let’s be honest, this is an accusation that can be pointed at many users or brands as well.

The article goes into some detail about Twitter being a “social scourge”, or a playground for people who are bored.

At the very heart of the issue is the relevance of each tweet. It would be unfair to imagine the hundred of millions of tweets every day would all be compelling or interesting. As a brand you have a responsibility to always be relevant to your digital audience.

It’s best to do away with the “hello twitterverse” messages and cut right to the meat of it. You have to make every 140 characters count.

You need to get the right voices and the key messaging to not waste anyone’s time. In my opinion, if you stay consistent, professional and on-brand there is no reason you can’t use Twitter for important news, and maybe everything in between.

Stories, opinions, curated content, promotions and insight are what matter to your audience.