Soft Drinks Giants Show How to Battle Socially

We’re used to Coca-Cola and Pepsi battling for market dominance. Now, they’re going toe-to-toe in social media, particularly on Facebook.

How these two soft drink giants are doing business on social media offers a great learning opportunity for digital marketers.

Both are enormously popular around the world. Coca-Cola has an impressive 57.1 million fans on Facebook.

The most important aspect about Coca-Cola’s digital presence is the signficiant investment in time and money it has made. It understands where its target audience exist, and they know how to connect with them.

It is not easy to appeal to so different demographics in countries around the world. You don’t have to be a global brand to learn from their seamless marketing and advertising transition.

Pepsi, which has 9.3 million Facebook fans, is impressive for its out of the box thinking when it comes to anything digital.

Maybe the key lesson is about how two companies can successfully fight for the same piece of pie in the same space – be it the physical world of soft drink consumption or the digital and social worlds.

When creating your digital marketing plan, it is insightful and instructive to look at what your rivals are doing – both good and bad.