Hawaii Five-O Lets Twitter Users Drive the Bus

Television might be the best place for digital marketers to learn, find new ideas and see how it can be done right.

From USA network’s Psych Hashtag Killer campaign to a brand new campaign from CBS’ Hawaii Five-O, which lets Twitter choose an ending, it’s clear that social media is having an immense impact on the television industry.

When you couple this with the news about Nielsen’s now factoring in Twitter, it is clear this is one industry that is starting to get the impact of social media from top to bottom.

Hawaii Five-O is letting an upcoming episode, Kapu (Forgiven), be decided in real time via Twitter and online voting. Three endings were filmed during production, which equates to a huge financial investment in this social media campaign.

Since the show is being aired in different time zones, this is, in theory, a complicated move by CBS, which might have to air one episode on one coast and a different episode on another.

CBS must believe the money, time, talent and headache is worth it. They are probably right.

The big question is where does television go next?

This is probably a small step into what the television is capable of achieving by leveraging social media. It’s an exciting time for fans of the medium!

Does this motivate you to get more creative, and get more involved in social media? It should.