Onward and Upward for Twitter

Everyone’s favourite yapping bird is back at it as Twitter continues to attract more users.

According to its official account, Twitter now has more than 200 million users; an increase of 60 million since March, 2012. Any way you want to slice and dice it, this is impressive.

As eye-catching is there are more 400 million tweets posted a day. It’s almost impossible to wrap your mind around that statistic.

What does Twitter’s continued growth mean in the grand scheme of things?

For one, it means the new rolled out by Twitter over the past couple of years have raised the bar and resonated with users.

It means that Twitter’s rivals are either irrelevant or don’t exist. Anyone heard from App.net recently?

It could also mean that people who weren’t getting Twitter before are getting more involved, although many Twitter users never tweet.

Twitter was never niche but compared to Facebook, it was a strange creature to many non-users. The numbers over the past nine month could mean that Twitter is appealing to all demographics in some capacity.

For digital marketers and other relevant parties, it means if you aren’t exploiting Twitter in some shape, way or form, you are probably missing out.

Given Twitter is bigger than ever, it is becoming more important to have a clear plan about how you want to capitalize on it. Your audience is there and more engaged than ever.

One of the big questions should be how high can Twitter soar? Has it peaked or is 200 million active users just the beginning?

What do you think Twitter’s recent growth means to the social media landscape?

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