Lululemon Grows it Organically

For a long time, one of the brightest brands in social media has been Lululemon.

It has shown insightful and inspiring examples of how to grow a digital brand….and make it stick over the years.

Going back to its humble beginning and as its popularity was starting to grow, Lululemon was making a distinct dent in social media.

Lululemon’s social media presence is profound: 500,000 Facebook fans, 175,000 Twitter followers and lots of videos on YouTube. The brand also has its hands in a number of other popular networks such as Instagram.

Out of all of the lessons for digital marketers to learn from Lululemon, the best might be the value of growing a digital brand organically. Albeit, this is a hard lesson to learn.

There are several reasons Lululemon has found so much online success, and have found the opportunity to grow the right way.

One is they aren’t afraid to venture into new territory.They are one of the first brands that you see capitalize on a new trend; many brands tend to follow their lead.

Another reason is it spends the necessary time and money needed to brand online. In fact, beyond some print, its entire strategy is focused on doing business through connecting with their audiences.

Follow Lululemon’s example when creating your strategy to see how it is done right in both the short and long term.