Music Industry Hits the Right Notes with Social Media

Over the past decade, musicians, bands and the music industry as a whole have seen and seized the opportunity presented by social media. You could argue they have been trailblazers in many ways.

There are a variety of best practice examples from the music industry that are vital to digital marketers. To start, most bands don’t want the hassle of running a full-fledged Website. The daily maintenance and cost really isn’t conducive to the lifestyle.

Social media offers an alternative that is superior in many ways. Real-time communication, cost-effective tactics and an audience already invested in the network.

The music industry is in constant flux and always up against a mountain of odds. In many ways, social media has become its “Moneyball” to level an uneven playing field.

Whether you are The Rolling Stones or a solo act playing coffee shops, social media has the means and tools to help you discover an audience and get your voice heard by hordes of people.

This is an industry that made MySpace its own, and now it has its strategic tentacles in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. When there is a relevant network, music finds a way to get in on the game.

The best thing to take away is that social media works for those who need it. It’s there for the taking.

For music fans out there, what artists or bands have successfully leveraged social media?