Are Hashtags In Commercials Effective? [Infographic]

By Sheldon Levine - Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 7:30 am  

The most watched event on TV of the year has now come and gone. Super Bowl 47 was not only watched, but actively discussed throughout social media. Some talked about the game, some about the half-time show, and some about the commercials. The commercials that brands spend millions of dollars on just to entertain and get in front of your eyes for 30 seconds at a time.

This year, we noticed something really interesting during the Super Bowl commercials; half of them made mention of social media of some sort. In fact, a lot of commercials actually suggested a hashtag for people to use when tweeting about the commercial. This is a huge increase from 2012 when we counted 5 of the 62 commercials from Super Bowl 46 had hashtags. But, are these hashtags really effective?

We looked at 21 hashtags from Super Bowl 47 commercials to see just how much they were actually used on Super Bowl Sunday. The commercials were talked about quite a lot throughout the big game, but on further inspection we found that people on Twitter actually referred to the brand behind the commercial more than they used the specific hashtag for that commercial. Because of this, we found that the two brands that suggested their own names as the hashtag to use, Doritos and Clavin Klein, came out on top. The popularity of the commercial also played a role in how many times the suggested hashtag was used. GoDaddy’s commercial of model Bar Refaeli making out with a nerd got them a lot of talk and also landed their hashtag, #TheKiss, in third place.

Below you’ll find an infographic showing which hashtags that were featured in commercials got used the most on Twitter on February 3rd.

Were you watching the Super Bowl commericals? Were you tweeting about them? Were you using their suggested hashtags? We want to know, so tell us in the comments.


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