What Makes Nike So Good at Social Media?

One of the most interesting brands to follow in social media is Nike.

This shouldn’t be too surprising since it is among the most compelling in many different channels.

What does Nike do in social media that you can imitate or learn from?

For one, Nike is fearless.

Second, it has had a digital presence since the mid to late 1990s – something Nike has has worked diligently to expand by expanding to many different social networks.

Granted, Nike has huge budgets but their core beliefs and tenets should be studied and emulated.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Nike is it tries to directly sell their products. Everything they do is to celebrate athletes and sports.

You need to ask yourself and your team, what defines your brand beyond the products and services?

By creating, curating and selling something other than mere goods, you have an opportunity to connect with your audience on a more meaningful level.

Remember your audience doesn’t want you to treat social media as a digital billboard.

Nike is also a proponent of the two oldest and most important lessons: have a distinct voice and be active. Their presence on most popular networks is pronounced.

This can never be said enough.

What other brands take the same approach as Nike?