Are Teens Really Over Facebook?

Social media was once the ultimate digital playground for teens all over the world, but have the times changed?

It that teens are beginning to fall out of love with Facebook, their once beloved popular social media network.

So what happened exactly?

First, it is by no means a dire situation for Facebook or any digital marketers looking for the teen constituency.

Let’s be honest, Facebook still has more than one billion users. The so-called teen boredom with Facebook appears to be something to keep an eye on as opposed to a troubling trend.

One theory  is the influx of parents to Facebook put a damper on it from the perspective of their offspring. This is most likely a fair assumption.

The greatest threat seems to be new platforms, which are more appealing to teenagers. Instagram, for example, is compelling for young users – something Facebook is well aware of.

Facebook might simply have lost some street cred over the years. For some teens, Facebook may not be cool anymore.

For digital marketers, this is the time to watch and wait if you are looking to connect with young adults. Never write off Facebook but consider that teens might be telling you there are better places to connect.

  • But again the good side is that even more older people sign up for Facebook.