New Tools for Your Digital Arsenal

Many digital marketers can feel overwhelmed by all of the social networks and resources at their disposal.

For Twitter, there are hundreds of auxiliary products and services. Where do you even begin?

After crafting a digital strategy, you need to identify the resources to make the job easier.  This takes some serious research and trial and error.

Here’s some sources that are worth considering:

Switcham is a wonderful app that lets you sync multiple videos together. First, video production needs to be part of your digital strategy. This app can really give your videos a much more polished look, while helping you use different footage. Big organizations should look into this.

Facebook ads have unfairly been pushed to the back burner in recent months. Maybe they were embraced too quickly or the benefits weren’t obvious. Your job is to build an online audience and a Facebook ad campaign could help you see an increase in fans on a daily basis. Keep a daily max and keep them running.

BufferApp: A plug-in for Websites and blog that makes it easy to share content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. What makes BufferApp so valuable is it can be configured to post updates and tweets throughout the day. This lets you have create a steady flow of content quickly and easily

Content Idea Generator: A free service that generates dozens of ideas for blog posts, articles, tweets, white-papers and e-books, videos, podcasts, press releases, etc.

Whatever the task, make sure that you look far and wide for a resource that can help you achieve it.