How is Blog “Success” Defined?

BlogsWhat makes a blog successful?

Is it all about the number of visitors? Is it the number of comments, tweets, shares or links?

It is an interesting question posed by venture capitalist and blogger Tomasz Tunguz, who wondered if there was a way to know the identify of blog readers to get more insight into how a blog content was resonating.

The thing about blog success is there are many ways to measure it given it depends on the goals and objectives.

For some blogs, it’s all about the number of visitors. The more, the merrier. Many of these blogs use advertising to drive revenue so more visitors means more cash.

For other blogs, success is about attracting the right kind of visitors as opposed to all kinds of visitors. These blogs are focused on specific targets, and they aim to deliver value-added content that will start to establish a business or personal relationship.

There are bloggers that base their success on thought leadership and domain expertise. A blog is an ideal platform to put new ideas into the spotlight.

And then are bloggers who see success as having a place to express themselves.

At the end of the day, blogging “success” can be defined in many different ways. While pageviews are the best known metric, it probably doesn’t apply to most bloggers.

The common denominator for blogging is doing it with passion and creating content that meets the needs of the blogger and the people they want to reach.