Picking the Right Time to Step Into the Social Fray

Social media has become a major player in most global events, creating the temptation among brands and organizations to have a presence.

When Pope Benedict XVI stepped down, the social media ecosystem and blogosphere erupted with the news and comments. Soon after, it was filled with discussion about who would be the successor.

Digital marketers can learn a lot from these recent events. In particular, it shows how social media can quickly mobilize and be an amazing thinktank and braintrust.

There is an even more important issue at the forefront. The real question is how do you handle big news stories as the face of a brand or organization?

This is something that should be outlined in your digital strategy.

It might be wise to avoid elbowing your way into important current events unless they truly pertain to your organization.

Neutrality is never a good idea but beyond visibility what can be gained by throwing your opinion about the new pope into the mix?

If being neutral doesn’t fit your brand or voice, than best to avoid it even if it is what all of the digital world is discussing.

There are some instances where a quick message or a few solemn words might be necessary. The tragedy in Connecticut springs to mind where making respectful mention might be the logical response regardless of brand.

The question to always ask is: how does this support our core business? If it doesn’t, then you should probably leave it alone.