How Many Corporate Blogs is Too Many?

BlogsA recent trend among brands is the creation of multiple blogs, each specific to particular topics.

For digital managers and content strategists, is this a good idea?

Brands like Target and Apple have a variety of blogs that represent the company, which makes a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint.

Different products, services and target audiences need to reach a more narrow groups. As well, a Tumblr blog could make the most sense in certain cases, but it should not be the primary company blog.

In general, large brands or brands with a significant online presence should have more than one blog.

The best way to go about it is from the bottom floor. Determine your primary audiences, and then craft a content strategy for the parent blog. From this blog, brands can spin off  niche blogs aimed at specific customers or interests.

Each blog should have its own content strategist. While this usually means someone pulling double duty, it is the most effective way to ensure each blog has a distinct voice, personality and content.

The bottom line: brands can never have too many blogs as long as each has a distinct purpose and there are resources to manage them.