Will Hummingbird Affect Social Media?

Google HummingbirdBig news recently hit the digital world and it could have a major impact on how businesses operate online.

The news is focused on Hummingbird, the newest Google algorithm that will have a profound change how search works and what it takes to be ranked.

While it is important to understand from the perspective of the user, it’s just as important to grasp how this will affect social media.

Given its clout and dominance of the search market, Google has a huge influence on the digital ecosystem. Hummingbird is not just an update; it is an entirely new way of searching and returning results.

Why does this matter to social media?

Hummingbird understands and analyzes longtail searches (a search with more detail, usually, a question), and rewards fresh content more than ever before.

Social media is highly regarded by Google, so a strong social media presence can potentially help a brand rise up the organic search result rankings.

Here’s a good tip for digital marketers:

Use social media to answer questions that you think people will ask in a search where you want to appear.

This tactic will take a lot of thinking and strategy from digital marketers, and it will need the support of all departments. A blog or FAQ is a good place to house this information.

The important thing with social media is to make sure you are on top of the trends and changes, and with Google you always have to be on top of your game in order to be found.