Twitter’s Redesign Means Digital Marketers Must Shift Gears

Twitter seems to be in the midst of a thorough redesign, which is currently being beta tested among small groups of users.

Users tend to be livid with Facebook and their constant updates and refreshes, but this one has the potential to take the cake.

A redesign of Twitter’s homepage and profile page had to surface at some point. When it comes to design, Twitter has failed to evolve and improve.

It’s one of the reasons why many users eventually move to other services such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck (owned by Twitter).

The new redesign will include major changes to the profile page. Truthfully, it feels more like its main competitors, Facebook and Google+.

One of the biggest changes (and potentially the one that will attract the most complaints) is the removal of the vertical stream.

How will the redesign affect digital marketers?

We don’t know what the redesign will include or how some of its functionality will change.

It seems there will be a greater emphasis on photos, which might take up more real estate. This will mean photo sharing will be important if this redesign sees the light day.

For many digital marketers, the redesign is going to mean making adjustments. Most brands have been chugging along with their original strategy (if it worked in the first place, of course).

Now, Twitter appears to be throwing its users and brands a curveball.

Digital marketers who figure out how to effectively leverage the redesign could see new opportunities for success. The risk for not adapting is there’s no guarantee  your current strategy will continue to work.

Think about the changes made by Facebook and Google. Were you able to simply continue along? You most likely had to change course in some way to thrive in the new environment.

The plan should be to brace yourself, review the changes when they go live, brainstorm and then execute a new plan.