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Introducing The Brand New Sysomos Heartbeat

Three weeks ago we made a big announcement about Sysomos and it was just the beginning of our leap into a big and bright future.

Today, we’re beyond thrilled to tell you about the next step in our journey and to introduce the BRAND NEW Sysomos Heartbeat to the world. Sysomos Heartbeat has undergone a full transformation that still gives you the great data and ease of use that you’ve come to expect from Sysomos products, but it has been completely retooled with an elegant new interface and even more functionality than before.

Brand New Look and Feel

We’ve redesigned Sysomos Heartbeat from the navigation to the data points, charts and graphs, all to make it even easier to get the information you need. Have a look for yourself:

Sysomos Heartbeat - Brand New Ui

Incredibly Customizable Dashboards

Sysomos Heartbeat now gives users complete control over what they want to see on their dashboard and how they see it. With a few simple clicks users can add widgets that show them exactly what they want to see in the order and size that they want to see it. The best part is that every individual user can have their own customized dashboard so that the data and information they need most is always readily available to them.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Customize Your Dashboard

Share Dashboards

Once you’ve created your perfect dashboard, you’ll want to send it out into the world, or at least throughout your organization. Just share your customized dashboard with your boss, team or department and they’ll be able to see all the important information just like you.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Share Your Dashboard

Subscribe To Your Own Data

Even if you can’t login to your dashboards, you can still get the insights you need with Sysomos Heartbeat. Just hit the “Subscribe” button located at the top of the dashboard you want to receive updates on, enter the email you want it sent to, choose the time and frequency, and reports will be sent directly to you when you want and need them most.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Subscribe To A Dasdhboard

Dive Even Deeper

Not only have we given Heartbeat a makeover to look better, we’ve also made it a lot more interactive which will allow you to dive even deeper into the data.

Combine tags and filters in a whole new way

Filtering the content that you want to see most has become even easier than before. It’s as simple as clicking a checkmark beside what filters and tags you want to see and an X beside what you want to hide. Want to see all the mentions of your brand and a competitor together everywhere but Twitter? Done! The combinations you can make are endless.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Combine Tags and Filters

Interactive graphs and charts

Sysomos Heartbeat lets you drill down even further on data by clicking on one of the beautiful new charts. For example, if you notice a lot of chatter from a new geo, just click on that area of the map. We’ll focus on that area and provide insights into what the conversations are all about in that area.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Interactive Buzzgraph

There’s so much more happening in this latest iteration of Heartbeat that we know you’re going to love, so we encourage you to dig in and explore the new Sysomos Heartbeat.

Not yet a Sysomos Heartbeat client? What are you waiting for? Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to show you how to get the most out of social intelligence.

Newly Independent Sysomos Announces Big Plans for 2015

Sysomos 2015 Kick-Off Event

As of January, Sysomos and Marketwired have officially separated to become two distinct, independent businesses. In the four and a half years of our partnership, Sysomos grew more than 1,500% to serve over 1,300 of the world’s most influential brands, including Ketchum, Boeing, W2O Group, and Genentech.

The social space has never been more exciting. Today, over 2.4 billion people use the internet and 175 million users check Facebook every minute. Sysomos alone looks at 500 billion conversations around the globe, totalling more than 2 petabytes of data — that’s the best social data set in the industry.

Now that we’re independent we plan to grow even faster, deepening our focus on innovation, capitalizing on the current explosion of social data, and expanding our teams in San Francisco, Toronto, and around the world. We’re also making major investments in building world-class data science and research teams, and are planning many exciting product innovations for the next year.

As our customer, you can expect the same high caliber of service you’ve come to expect from Sysomos. You won’t see any changes to your contract or the account team that you know and love. If anything, we will be able to improve and expand the ways we can be of service.

We couldn’t have done this without you, our customers. Thank you for your years of support, input, and innovation. Now let’s take over the world together.

Welcoming Jason Harris to Sysomos

Jason HarrisIt’s always fun when you get to work with someone you like, respect, and who is generally just a great human.

I’m incredibly excited today to announce that Jason Harris will be joining the Sysomos family as Senior Manager, Community and Evangelism.

I’ve known Jason for a few years now, mostly through our shared professional circles and many mutual friends in social and technology. And I had the pleasure of working with him just this past year as part of his recent work with Republic Publishing and the influencer programs they’ve built with Microsoft and Nokia.

Jason comes to us with a rich background in tech and community, which makes him the perfect fit to help Sysomos level up our community engagement and produce some outstanding content. Jason will also be out and about as a key member of our evangelism team, speaking at events, meeting with customers and prospects and representing their voice within the company, and sharing Sysomos’ exciting vision for the future with the industry.

You’ll all certainly be hearing more from him here on the blog as well, so stay tuned for that.

In today’s fast-moving technology landscape, community and evangelism are no longer just “nice to have” functions but essential components to a smart, engaged and innovative business. I couldn’t be more excited to add Jason’s smarts, personality and skills to our growing community team here at Sysomos.

He’s going to have to get used to visiting Canada occasionally in the winter (he’s based in lovely Oregon where it’s much warmer than Toronto this week), and we’ll get him loving poutine and toques soon enough.

Please join me in welcoming Jason, and if you’ll be at SXSW Interactive, don’t forget to register for his unofficial Mobile Meetup here.

More to come!

Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat Updates: Tweet Life and Spredfast Integration

We’re super excited to tell you about two new features that you’ll be able to find in our software starting today; Tweet Life in MAP and Spredfast Integration in Heartbeat.

Tweet Life

The way that a message spreads can be very important to you. Knowing how your message spreads beyond your immediate network can help make or break the resonance of your message. You can know how many times a message has been retweeted, but wouldn’t it be nice to know which people helped to spread your message the furthest?

Well, as of today, you no longer have to wonder how your tweets are spreading through the Twitter network. Today we’re super excited to tell you about MAP’s latest feature Tweet Life.

Tweet Life shows you the path of a tweet as it spreads. Tweet Life shows you which of your followers retweeted your message, which of THEIR followers retweeted your message, and so on.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life Tweet Tree

Tweet Life analytics can be accessed in a variety of ways. The first is to copy the tweet ID directly from a tweet’s URL and paste it into the ID box on the Tweet Life section of Twitter in MAP.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life - Analyze A Tweet by Tweet ID

The second way to access the Tweet Life analytics of a tweet is to find a tweet of interest under the Most Retweeted tab of Twitter in MAP and directly under all the tweets that appear on the page, you will have the ability to click a “Tweet Life” link.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life via Most Retweeted

So why would you want to see the life of a tweet? Here are just a few examples of how this new great feature can help you:

  • Compare the spread of different Tweets from your own accounts to investigate whether specific language, themes or times of day are most effective for spreading your message.
  • Discover how your message reached, and was spread by, Twitter users who are NOT your followers.
  • Benchmark how quickly your tweets spread to help you find ways to increase the velocity and virality of your social communications.
  • Compare the retweet engagement of your tweets against your competitors and identify the key individuals who are most likely to help your messages spread further.

For more information on how to use, understand and make the most of the new Tweet Life functionality, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Sysomos representative who will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any of your questions.

Spredfast Integration in Heartbeat

Back in June we announced a partnership between Spredfast and ourselves. This partnership would allow Heartbeat users who also have a Spredfast account to send social content found through Sysomos over to the Spredfast engagement platform.

Today, we’re happy to announce that all of the behind-the-scenes work has been completed and Spredfast integration is now live in Heartbeat!

If you’re a customer of Spredfast as well as Sysomos please contact your Sysomos representative who will be happy to help get your Spredfast account setup in Heartbeat.

Once you’re set up, the use couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the tool tip next to a tweet or Facebook post in the “Your Heartbeats” tab of Heartbeat. You will then see a new tab marked “Spredfast.” Under that tab you can reply to both tweets and Facebook posts and retweet tweets. Once you click one of the options a Spredfast window will pop up and allow you to take action. All actions will be recorded both in Heartbeat and Spredfast’s workflow logs for you to see afterwards.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Spredfast Integration

That’s all from us today. But we have a lot more cool stuff that we’re working on and can’t wait to share with you soon.

If you’re already a Sysomos customer and want to learn more about these great new updates, please feel free to reach out to your Sysomos representative.

If you’re not already a Sysomos customer but would like to learn more about these features and Sysomos overall, please feel free to contact us here.

Sysomos Stability and What You Need To Know

A message from our CEO, Jim Delaney:

If you’re a Sysomos customer, you’ve probably noticed we’ve had some downtime lately.

First and foremost, you need to know that we don’t find this any more acceptable than you do. We understand that you rely on Sysomos to get business done, to deliver reports and analytics, and to keep tabs on the real-time world of the social web. When it’s not working, you’re losing productivity and information.

We’re committed to making this right.

Second, we’d like to explain what we’re doing to fix the problem so we can deliver the Sysomos reliability you’ve come to expect and deserve.

These recent issues have three main root cause: some migration issues with our ongoing move to grid server architecture, a lack of redundancy for some of our social data feeds and inputs, and data input growth requiring rapid increases to our network capacity.

To address that, we are:

  • Immediately and rapidly replacing hardware we’ve outgrown with new, high-capacity servers. You’ll see a big difference in performance by early next week.
  • We’ve already installed additional and more sensitive alerting systems on our server infrastructure to ensure we fix issues before they impact you.
  • Backfilling data from sources like Twitter that were unavailable last week, which will be complete by the end of tomorrow (Thursday).
  • Continuing our move to a grid server architecture, which will provide better stability, capacity, and 99.9% uptime once finished. That migration will be complete early 2015, but we’re moving things continuously to this new structure.

We’re also hiring like crazy on our grid, systems and engineering teams (know anyone great? Check out our career opportunities) to make sure we continue to have the smartest, most capable minds building and maintaining our infrastructure and products.

We’re evangelists for the power of social intelligence. But we also know that having the information and the social data you need to drive your strategies isn’t optional, it’s essential. And it has to be reliably available when you need it.

We’ve let you down there recently, and we’re hard at work around the clock to make it better.

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or need a hand, here’s how you can reach a human, directly and quickly:

  • Tweet us at @Sysomos
  • Call our support line at 1.866.483.3338 between 8:30a ET and 8p ET
  • Email our support team directly at or email your dedicated Social Media Specialist

The exponential growth of social data is only matched by the sheer capacity for social intelligence to help our enterprises grow and thrive.

We absolutely believe in that potential. We’ve made more investments in our infrastructure in the last three months than we have in the three years before that, precisely because of the growth, opportunity, and power of social for business.

And while roadbumps like this are not a fun part of that evolution, we appreciate your support and patience as we navigate them.

We promise it will be worth it, and that it’s all in the name of delivering the world-class social intelligence platform that you need for your business.

Thanks, as always, for being part of our journey.

Big Growth and Big News

Now it’s not usually like us to toot our own horn, but we have some big news to share today and we thought this would be a good time to tell you a bit about what got us here first.

The first thing that we’re incredibly happy about is that in a few days the Sysomos engine that powers both our MAP and Heartbeat software will be processing 400 billion social conversations at any given time. That’s a 4 with 11 zeros behind it (400,000,000,000). That’s an incredible amount of data to process in mere seconds, but we do it every day.

And it’s just going to keep growing. On May 30, 2013 we looked at how many social conversations were happening in a day and found at that time 139 million conversations just across blogs, online news sites, forums and Twitter. Yesterday, we found that that number has grown to 401 million (that’s equal to over 4 terabytes of data a day). In a little over a year, the number of social conversations has more than doubled.

Sysomos MAP - Over 400 Million Social Conversations A Day

But we’re prepared to deal with this ever-growing world of social media by growing with it.

Since last September, we’ve grown our Sysomos family by 50%. We’ve added amazing teammates in every department of our company from accounts to engineering and all the way up to our executive team. All these people have been key in helping us to help you make sense of all those social conversations happening out there. In fact, we’ve had to grow so much because we’ve also grown over 500% on the accounts we’re helping, which we’re proud to say includes 8 of the top 10 brands on Interbrand’s list of the 100 best global brands.

And we’re not done growing.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that as part of this growth, we’ve added a new teammate to our team. As of today Amber Naslund (@AmberCadabra) will be joining our team as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sysomos.

Amber Naslund

Amber won’t say it herself, but she’s a big mover and shaker in the world of social media. She’s worked in the industry for over 8 years including experience with companies very similar to Sysomos. On top of her experience, she’s constantly being asked to speak at various events and conferences and even co-authored a book on how social media has impacted all business today, The NOW Revolution.

We’re incredibly excited to have Amber on our team and can’t wait to see what she has in mind to help Sysomos grow even more.

To learn more about Amber and find out what she has in mind for her new role, come back tomorrow when we’ll be posting a little Q&A with Amber.

Feel free to reach out to Amber at anytime on Twitter or in the comments below and help us welcome her to the team!

The #SMmeasure Chat Gets A New Home On It’s 4 Year Anniversary

So much to measureFour years ago, when Sysomos became part of the Marketwired family, we wanted to do something to bring our two online communities together. The result was a weekly Twitter chat that focused around discussing issues about social media and the measurement and analytics associated with it that we called #SMmeasure.

Almost every week for the past four years we’ve gathered fantastic groups of people on Twitter to chat. Some of these people have been joining us for all four year, some have joined us for short periods of time and moved on and new people keep joining in on the discussion every week. These people range in knowledge from those who have just started working with social media and want to learn how to measure it and some have been in the industry for years and join to help others and get new ideas from different perspectives. No matter who has been in the chat though, every one of these people has been fantastic and we thank each and every one of them (and you) for being part of the community.

If you haven’t ever participated in the chat, we invite you to join us any Thursday at 9am(PST)/11am(CST)/12noon(EST) on Twitter.

Something that has really blown us away over the years about #SMmeasure is how it evolved so naturally. What started off as a weekly chat with some likeminded people blossomed into a full-blown community of people who share ideas and articles through the use of the #SMmeasure hashtag all week long. Some of the people that share over the hashtag don’t even participate in the chat; they just found it a good way to communicate about measurement in the social media world. To them (and you) we say thank you as well.

Today, we’re going to evolve the #SMmeasure chat just a tiny bit more. For years we’ve posting the chat’s questions on the Marketwired Facebook page and using the @Marketwired Twitter handle to help amplify the questions in the chat. But in our effort to focus in on our communities’ needs on both sides of the Marketwired and Sysomos families, we’ll be handing most of the #SMmeasure duties over to Sysomos.

From next week forward (because this post is appearing on both the Marketwired and Sysomos blogs today) the questions for the #SMmeasure chat will be posted on the Sysomos Facebook page. As well, the @Sysomos Twitter handle will be taking a more active role within the chat starting today.

Now, since we’re talking about the #SMmeasure chat on the blog today, we also thought we’d post today’s questions on the blog as well. And, because we’re also celebrating four years of #SMmeasure, we thought we’d take the questions from our first two chats (we hadn’t figured out yet that 5 questions was optimal for the hour long chat yet, so those two combined give us 5 questions) and look at how everyone’s thoughts and ideas on social media measurement have changed since 2010. You’ll also notice how some of the discussions we had back then have become irrelevant in four years and how others are still being discussed and debated. We think it will make for a very interesting hour.

So, without further ado, here’s the questions for today that were also our questions for the first two #SMmeasure chats in 2010:

  1. What are the most important elements to measure in social media?
  2. What tools do you use to measure social media?
  3. What’s more important to you; followers/fans vs. brand mentions?
  4. Which ranks higher on the priority list; growing followers/fans vs. growing discussions?
  5. What would you rather have; a few key people mentioning your brand vs. having masses of random people?

Don’t forget to check the Sysomos Facebook page every week from our here forward for the #SMmeasure questions of the week and please join us in the chat today (or any time) on Twitter by adding the hashtag to your tweets.

In case you forgot already, the #SMmeasure chat happens on Thursdays at 9am(PST)/11am(CST)/12noon(EST). See you there!

Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat Updates: Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook

Let’s just say we’ve been busy. Very, very busy. 

At Sysomos, we’re always working behind the scenes to make our technology better. Whether it’s delivering greater speed and accuracy, or more data and more potent analytics, our ongoing mission is to provide you with the best social intelligence out there — so that you can make the kinds of business decisions that drive future success. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of the major enhancements we’ve made lately, including the addition of Tumblr to our ever-expanding data set.

We’ve put Tumblr on the MAP. 

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Tumblr. Today we’re thrilled to announce our all-new Tumblr integration, which gives you the ability to glean insights from the full breadth of Tumblr’s data, has been added to MAP. In fact, you can search for mentions using text-based queries among all eight Tumblr data types — from photos, text, audio and video, to quotes, answers, links and chats. And you can evaluate those mentions using Overall Sentiment, Word Cloud and Buzzgraph analytics. Perhaps best of all, you can get started right now.

Sysomos MAP - Tumblr Search Results

Sysomos MAP - View Tumblr Posts

Sysomos MAP - Tumblr Buzzgraph


You’ll love (not just ‘Like’) more Facebook results in MAP.

Enter search terms as usual and you’ll notice something right away: a lot more Facebook results. Why? We’re now pulling in tons more Facebook data. More data = more results. And that’s the kind of math everyone loves to do.

Run YouTube Analytics without skipping a Heartbeat.

You can now view no less than 17 of the most popular YouTube Channel metrics — including Geographical, Playback, Traffic Sources and Device, as well as Basic and Daily metrics — right from within the Heartbeat platform, without having to log in to YouTube.  All that’s required is a one-time permissions process in which your YouTube Channel administrator (maybe that’s even you) grants Heartbeat access to retrieve the metrics. Here’s a sample of how some of these new metrics will look in your Heartbeat:

Sysomos Heartbeat - YouTube Views

Sysomos Heartbeat - Youtube View Duration By Country

Sysomos Heartbeat - Youtube View Duration by Device


As always, if you’re already using MAP or Heartbeat please contact your account team with any questions.

If you’re not already using MAP or Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us to learn more about these great new updates and our software overall.

Sysomos and Spredfast Change the Rules of Engagement

New Partnership Between Sysomos & SpredfastSysomos Heartbeat has always given users the ability to engage with Twitter and Facebook communities from within the platform. In fact, it allows our clients not only to have messages approved before they’re posted, but also to track all engagements through workflow management. We engineered Heartbeat that way precisely so people could monitor conversation, gain insights, and engage with their audience—take action on those insights—in one place.

But we also recognize that there’s more than one way to do things. The fact is, some of our clients might prefer to use Sysomos for social intelligence, but feel more comfortable using another solution for engagement. And because it’s our job to anticipate the needs of clients and incorporate them into our solutions, we’ve got some great news to share.

We’re proud to announce a partnership that ensures Heartbeat users will get all the robust features they’re used to—plus the ability to engage with audiences using the Spredfast Social Marketing Platform. Catering specifically to large enterprises, Spredfast allows users to collaborate, coordinate and track all of a social media team’s engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

So if you’re a Heartbeat user with a Spredfast account, you will soon be able to connect the two platforms so that the Spredfast Engage Button appears in the Heartbeat interface alongside posts you can engage with. Click the button, and Heartbeat will send that piece of content directly to the Spredfast Platform, where you can plan, approve and send messages when ready.

To our way of thinking, combining the best in social intelligence with the leader in enterprise-scale social engagement offers shared clients not only a solution that is potentially more powerful, but an experience that is more seamless—eliminating the need to continually jump between one platform and the other. And any time we can make our clients’ jobs easier and help them do those jobs better in the process, it’s a win-win situation.

As Darin Wolter, our EVP of Sales, says: “Sysomos and Spredfast have many clients in common, so integrating our solutions gives customers and the market the best of both worlds. Now they can glean deeper social insights, while also targeting their messages more effectively.

Stay tuned for more information about the Sysomos partnership with Spredfast in the weeks ahead.

Meet Our New VP of Innovation and CCO, Tom Carlock

Tom CarlockLast week we announced in a news release that we have an exciting new member of our Sysomos family.

Tom Carlock has come to the team as our new VP of Innovation and Chief Customer Officer (CCO). We’re really looking forward to what Tom is going to bring to our team and business as whole.

But it’s not enough for just us to be excited about this. We want you, our readers and partners, to join in our excitement. So, we want you to get to know Tom.

We asked Tom a few questions that will help you to get a better understanding of what he’ll be doing at Sysomos, where he  came from and where we’ll be going with him in the future… oh ya, and about his awesome 80’s band.

See what Tom had to say below and feel free to find him on Twitter as @datawhiz.


1)   What did you do prior to joining Sysomos?

I was VP of Ideation, Strategy and Emerging Technologies for Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). In that role, my sole focus was on creating value for customers and shareholders. I had a 360-degree view of all the D&B products and strategies, as well as a deep understanding of their future roadmaps. I also monitored all of the activities around emerging technologies and trends. So much insight into the business allowed me to come up with innovative ideas that were aligned to the company’s strategic vision, but disruptive to our core strategy at the same time. I would evangelize those ideas and socialize them with product leaders, IT and senior executives so that the value they delivered to customers could be clearly understood. Then we would work together to filter the ideas and deliver on the ones that either met our existing customer needs or would mean developing entirely new products or partnerships that gave us access to adjacent markets — and in turn, bring us new customers.

Prior to joining D&B, I worked in the Financial Services industry for more than 15 years. I started out as systems analyst, then became a software and database programmer and rode the Client Server, eCommerce, and Data Management waves for 20 years. Eventually I jumped to the business side, when I realized that in a business role, I could actually influence and drive business more than ever.

2)   What attracted you to Sysomos?

Two things. First, I truly believe that Sysomos is the engine that will create the next wave of technological evolution. I’m looking beyond our current product line and seeing limitless potential. There are new trends and ecosystems popping up in the Big Data and Cloud space that will need a hybrid of capabilities—of which Sysomos will be the core component—to integrate directly into the workflow of products and solutions. This will change the experience and the outcomes of using unstructured content, making it easy to use and to understand in a structured and predictive way. I think this is a massive opportunity for us.

Second, I believe in the Sysomos leadership team and vision. From working with Jim previously, I know that there are very few executives like him in this day and age who are willing to take the risks required to ideate and innovate, while not being afraid to fail. For Jim, the only failure is the failure to not try. That’s inspiring. Then you have the product and IT leadership—I was fortunate to have one-on-one meetings with Stu Ogawa, Eddie Kim and Ambles Kwok prior to joining the team. And the more I learned about their ideas and their passion, the more excited I got to be a part of their vision and to do whatever I can to contribute to it. Beyond that, I can feel the sense of pride, passion and commitment in everyone I meet from this organization. Honestly, I’m just very excited to be working with such talented and driven people.

3)   What does a Chief Customer Officer do?

The idea of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) has been growing slowly but steadily over the past decade. Today, there are around 450 of us in North America, whereas only a handful existed just five years ago.  In general, CCOs are tasked with “owning” the customer experience. That means driving profitable customer behaviour by focusing on loyalty, satisfaction and retention. It means creating a corporate culture where the customer is king, And it means shaping corporate strategy wherever customers are concerned. In addition, the CCO is focused on growing customer share, building the customer base and increasing profitability through new and sometimes disruptive ideas—or in other words, innovating.

While that’s the general definition of what a CCO does, I am currently working with Jim and the rest of the leadership team to define my specific responsibilities and make sure they are complementary to other roles and functions within the organization. So somewhere down the road, I’ll make another instalment on the blog to let everyone know more about how the role has evolved from a purely Sysomos perspective.

4)   Why is innovation so important for a company like Sysomos?

Innovation is essential for any company that wants to be world class, to be relevant, to make a difference for customers, and to be successful in today’s world.  But for Sysomos, it’s especially important because we’re already a cutting-edge company —and when you have the advantage Sysomos has, you have to stay one step ahead to maintain that position.  You have to stay on top of what’s happening in the marketplace. You have to identity emerging trends. You have to constantly think 6-12 months out and imagine the “what ifs.” You have to ask “what we will do next?” and envision how it will change the experiences of others. To me, innovation is like jumping off a cliff and trying to build wings on the way down. That’s the leap of faith Sysomos needs to take for continued success. When anyone wants to know what’s going on in the unstructured digital world — and they want to make sense out of it in a simple way that makes it easy to get their job done — we want the name “Sysomos” to be the first and only thing on their mind. We want them to feel that they can’t live without us. And that’s not possible without innovation.
5)   What do see as the future of social media? And big data?

There is a bridge that hasn’t been fully built yet. I call it the “Near Real-Time Unstructured Digital to Structured Big Data-as-a-Service Bridge.” I know that’s a mouthful, but once Sysomos finishes building this bridge, the future will forever be changed. Near real-time unstructured content will be integrated with machine-learning analytics used to make important business decisions and take immediate action proactively, as opposed to reactively, which is usually the case today. This bridge will allow many users, partners, developers and solutions to cross it. And on the other side, they’ll find a world of digital content ready and waiting for them to access and use as the basis for innovation. We may not know exactly what form that innovation will take, but we do know it will be something extraordinary and something that solves a problem that can’t be solved today. I think there are many business challenges this bridge could solve — all the way from the enterprise to the small-business level. In fact, there will be nothing we can’t do to solve any problem or challenge in the future. The way I see it, this new Sysomos bridge will finally connect the worlds of unstructured and structured digital content so that everyone can find a way of using it to improve the world we live in.

6)   Tell us a little bit about Aces Up.

Ha ha… Someone was Googling Tommy Carlock.

It was my first rock ‘n roll band. I’m a singer and musician — I play guitar, keyboards, harmonica, various rhythm instruments and the mandolin. My father was a doo-wop singer, so he started teaching me to sing at age 5. On the way to high school prom, I ended up auditioning in the limo for the bassist of a band named “Aces Up” that needed a singer. Needless to say, I got the job. We only played together for 10 years, but we’ve been holding reunion gigs for 30. Aces Up almost made it big with a song I wrote and produced called “Body Building Baby,” which was inspired by how I described a female body builder I dated briefly:  “She’s got the body shaped like a woman and the muscles like a man.” We fell short of getting a record deal, but we did create a music video as a class project in college.  Here’s the link to that video and one to the band’s Facebook page. Enjoy — but no making fun of my clothes. They were in style back then! Today, I’m still singing songs from the 80s in a classic rock band called “Up the Dosage.” You can find us on the web at

7)    Anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to reiterate that I’m thrilled to be part of the Sysomos team—and I can’t wait to meet even more of my talented new colleagues. Please feel free to reach out by email anytime: Or just stop me in the hall. Let’s talk!


Now, we couldn’t let you all hear about Tom’s awesome band Aces Up and not give you the visual. Check out Aces Up’s video for “Body Building Baby” (trust us, you don’t want to miss this).