Awarded Again: PC Mag Editors’ Choice

We are happy to announce that for a second time this year, PC Magazine has awarded Sysomos with Editors’ Choice, following the release of Sysomos Paid Social Analytics.  In the latest review of top social analytics companies, editor Rob Marvin says that Sysomos is the only tool that marries social media management with audience-specific ad…

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Announcing Peter Heffring As Sysomos CEO

Today, we’re happy to announce that Peter Heffring is now the CEO of Sysomos, effective immediately. Peter is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned business leader who joined Sysomos when Expion joined the Sysomos family in July 2015. Peter has more than a quarter century’s experience in the software and technology industries. His career experience includes…

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Sysomos Paid Social Analytics: Make Smarter Decisions On How You’re Spending Your Ad Dollars

Social media advertising started with what we like to call “The Fan Frenzy” several years ago where marketers pushed dollars to gain fans and followers while enabling organic content to reach audiences through limited targeting and ever changing newsfeed algorithms.  As social media channels developed functionality for targeted content distribution marketers were allowed to drive…

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Sysomos Scout (and Facebook Topic Data) Are Here

Facebook provides businesses with an amazing opportunity. With a global audience of over 1.6 billion, covering every region and demographic, it provides more data every minute than anyone could possibly process. The social platform long recognized the need to provide tools to help advertisers and marketers sift through this data, and recently made Facebook Topic…

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Sysomos Awarded PC Mag Editors’ Choice

In the last year, we’ve been hard at work, building a comprehensive tool set that arms digital marketing departments with the capabilities to deliver actionable insights informed by social data and trends. Early on, we recognized that ‘listening’ on social media was just part of a brand or agencies’ social playbook. To put it frankly,…

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