Content Marketing

Why Paid Social Is More Important Than Ever

The old mantra in online marketing is that ‘social media is free’. Sure, it’s $0 to sign up for a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account for your business and it’s easy to publish links or original content out via your earned properties. Getting your message into the streams, timelines, and inboxes of those who matter to your…

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Brand Monitoring: Why Text Is No Longer Enough

Building your brand is now more complicated than ever before. You have practically endless options for promoting your business. There’s blogging, pay-per-click advertising, social media, videos, SEO and traditional offline advertising, to name just a few of your options. Deciding which platforms and strategies to focus on requires a great deal of research, brand monitoring…

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The Importance of Social Media Analytics

Social media gives businesses an unprecedented opportunity for connecting with customers and prospects. While there are numerous social networks that provide you with a vast array of tools for providing customer service, explaining how your products work, and much more, it’s important to realize that simply having a social media presence is no guarantee of…

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