Content Marketing

How to Write for Social Media

Wherever you publish your content, it’s important to consider the needs and preferences of your audience. Writing for social media is not the same as writing for your blog, website or print publication. Not all social media sites are the same, of course. Each has its own particular rules and idiosyncrasies. There are, however, certain…

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Cheat Sheet: 2016 Social Media Video Length

Instagram recently announced that video length is being extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. What does this mean for businesses who run campaigns? This move creates a new option for advertising across Facebook and Instagram. Although video publishing on Instagram has been slow to adopt (due to the nature of the channel and user behavior,…

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The Hashtag Gridiron: 2016 Edition

Super Bowl 50 was, of course, a battle on the field between the Broncos and the Panthers, but it was also a battle for brands trying to seize the advertising spotlight. On a day in which brand advertisers shell out millions of dollars to produce and air advertisements – which hashtags associated with those ads…

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Unleash The Power Of Visual Social Media

Photographs are powerful. This is not news to most people, but this year we’ve seen some particularly memorable examples of how a simple photo can impact the global news agenda. Emotionally charged images of the refugee crisis in Europe provoked public anger which forced fence-sitting political leaders to take action. Ever since the invention of…

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Make The Most Of Your Earned Media

Last week Jason introduced the concepts of Earned, Owned and Paid media. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to dive a little deeper into each of these subjects on the blog, starting today with “Earned.” Earned media is probably the definitive form that helps to separate social media from all other forms of…

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