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Three Intelligent Ways Agencies are Leveraging Social Data with Sysomos

As a senior member of the Sysomos sales team, I have the pleasure of interacting with many different types of organizations, from smaller, hungry start-ups to the world’s most influential brands.

I also get the chance to speak and meet often with digital agencies, and it’s truly awesome to see what many of these firms are doing with social intelligence. In this post, I wanted to share three of those things, with the hope that your own agency or organization could better leverage social data to make sounder business decisions and move the needle.

Comparative Analytics

Everyday, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social sources detail billions of online conversations, ranging across infinite topics and ideas. Many of these conversations cite specific brands, products and services, and smart agencies can easily filter and corral these mentions to construct real-time market analysis for a brand and their competition.

By determining and visualizing such metrics as share of overall voice, share of voice across individual sources, brand sentiment, geographic breakdown, etc., agencies can quickly educate their client base on competitive benchmarking, relevance of social sources, tonality, and much more.

Share Of Voice

Competitive Share of Voice mentions for three luxury car models.

Influencer Identification

Remember the days when star athletes or celebrities influenced our purchasing decisions? I’m thinking back to Michael Jordan and Gatorade, Mark Wahlberg and Calvin Klein underwear, and even the old Marlboro Man. We valued these celebrities for their talents, looks or style, and because of this, we often bought their products, or, at the very least, considered buying them.

Today’s influencer isn’t necessarily featured on a Wheaties box or has a million-dollar smile. Rather, today’s influencer could be anyone – you, me, your mother-in-law – and that influencer is someone who knows a lot about a specific brand or product, and is well-connected with their audience.

Knowing who the influencers are in your industry and engaging them can be VITAL in amplifying your message and selling your product or service. Agencies are among the best organizations I’ve seen at influencer reporting, and they’re detailing follower/following info, authority score, frequency of mentions, etc. to identify these people who shape conversations.

Identifying Influencers

Major Influencers on Twitter for the Audi A5.

Crisis Management

An organizational crisis can occur at any moment, and social media is often the first place to report on a pending disaster or issue. While it’s near impossible to predict when these types of events will happen, there are social measures that can be put in place to quickly identify and determine the severity of a pending crisis.

One thing agencies do to manage crises is set-up e-mail alerts for all their clients, and set keyword volume thresholds to immediately alert the team in the event their client is being talked about more than normal across social media channels. Taking this a step further, an agency may establish alerts to notify them when trigger words like “danger”, “trouble”, “accident”, etc. are used in conjunction with their client’s company name or product.

After a crisis has been identified, firms will often try to determine velocity around an issue – meaning, how quickly a topic is spreading on social media – and the validity of the source that first reported on it. Both velocity and source validity can easily be discovered if you have access to a proper social intelligence platform.

Gauging a potential crisis

Popularity spikes can be used to determine velocity and isolate information around a pending crisis.


Sysomos Stability and What You Need To Know

A message from our CEO, Jim Delaney:

If you’re a Sysomos customer, you’ve probably noticed we’ve had some downtime lately.

First and foremost, you need to know that we don’t find this any more acceptable than you do. We understand that you rely on Sysomos to get business done, to deliver reports and analytics, and to keep tabs on the real-time world of the social web. When it’s not working, you’re losing productivity and information.

We’re committed to making this right.

Second, we’d like to explain what we’re doing to fix the problem so we can deliver the Sysomos reliability you’ve come to expect and deserve.

These recent issues have three main root cause: some migration issues with our ongoing move to grid server architecture, a lack of redundancy for some of our social data feeds and inputs, and data input growth requiring rapid increases to our network capacity.

To address that, we are:

  • Immediately and rapidly replacing hardware we’ve outgrown with new, high-capacity servers. You’ll see a big difference in performance by early next week.
  • We’ve already installed additional and more sensitive alerting systems on our server infrastructure to ensure we fix issues before they impact you.
  • Backfilling data from sources like Twitter that were unavailable last week, which will be complete by the end of tomorrow (Thursday).
  • Continuing our move to a grid server architecture, which will provide better stability, capacity, and 99.9% uptime once finished. That migration will be complete early 2015, but we’re moving things continuously to this new structure.

We’re also hiring like crazy on our grid, systems and engineering teams (know anyone great? Check out our career opportunities) to make sure we continue to have the smartest, most capable minds building and maintaining our infrastructure and products.

We’re evangelists for the power of social intelligence. But we also know that having the information and the social data you need to drive your strategies isn’t optional, it’s essential. And it has to be reliably available when you need it.

We’ve let you down there recently, and we’re hard at work around the clock to make it better.

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or need a hand, here’s how you can reach a human, directly and quickly:

  • Tweet us at @Sysomos
  • Call our support line at 1.866.483.3338 between 8:30a ET and 8p ET
  • Email our support team directly at or email your dedicated Social Media Specialist

The exponential growth of social data is only matched by the sheer capacity for social intelligence to help our enterprises grow and thrive.

We absolutely believe in that potential. We’ve made more investments in our infrastructure in the last three months than we have in the three years before that, precisely because of the growth, opportunity, and power of social for business.

And while roadbumps like this are not a fun part of that evolution, we appreciate your support and patience as we navigate them.

We promise it will be worth it, and that it’s all in the name of delivering the world-class social intelligence platform that you need for your business.

Thanks, as always, for being part of our journey.

Sysomos Partners with Clarabridge to Bring Powerful Social Perspective to Customer Experience Management

Sysomos Partners With Clarabridge

With social media being more frequently used by your customers to connect with  — and talk about — your company, it would only make sense that you’d like to learn the most you can from those customer interactions, right? If you answered “yes,” then we have some great news for you.

Today, we’re excited to publicly announce a strategic technology partnership with Clarabridge to integrate our world-class social intelligence into their world-class Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions.

Clarabridge is the leading provider of real-time, intelligent, customer experience analytics and management. Taking information from all of your customer feedback channels, such as surveys, emails, chats and contact centers, Clarabridge intelligently reads, analyzes, categorizes and scores the sentiment of every conversation to give you a better understanding of how to best serve your customers.

As of today, Sysomos’ social intelligence can be added to the analytics and sentiment Clarabridge delivers from a wide array of feedback channels, providing a more holistic view of the customer experience.

“Brands today live and breathe by listening to customer feedback, leveraging it to drive their messaging and content, and engaging with them in real-time,” says Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge. “Our partnership with Sysomos delivers a vast scope of social media data and intelligence that, combined with customer feedback from all channels—and teamed with deep analytics ready for action throughout the organization—gives clients an even more complete, 360-degree view of the customer experience.”

Simply put, this partnership will fill in the missing, social-media piece of your customer interaction puzzle to surface valuable insights — the kind that help you make decisions around optimizing customer experience, loyalty and satisfaction in a more focused and meaningful way.

As Marketwired CEO Jim Delaney says, “Creating the ultimate customer experience begins with listening to feedback and understanding the sentiment behind it. This partnership with Clarabridge, a recognized leader in CEM, gives enterprise-level businesses and large brands an integrated solution that provides deeper insight into the attitudes of their target audiences.”

To learn more about our new partnership between Clarabridge, read the official press release here, or contact us to learn more.

We’re Moving. Come With Us.

Today’s post comes from Kurt Heinemann, Marketwired CMO

Moving truck

The Sysomos blog is getting a big upgrade and moving to our parent company, Marketwired.  All the same great content you have grown to expect plus more will now be at The Marketwired Social Blog.  Make sure to add the new RSS feed to your reader or app so you get the latest posts, insight and information.  We will be migrating all of the historical blog content to the new location so you will always be able to reference and locate all the content you have read here.  All new blog posts from Mark Evans, Sheldon Levine, Jim Delaney and many others will be on the new Marketwired hosted blog at from today going forward.

We will post a reference link and headline to the new articles here for the next few weeks to make sure you have the time to subscribe to the new RSS feed and bookmark the new blog.

Thank you your continued support of our community and we’ll see you over at The Marketwired Blog.

– Kurt Heinemann, CMO, Marketwired

Calling All Community Managers – We Need Your Help

This post originally appeared on the Marketwire Blog, but we could use all the help we can get, so we’re reposting it here for a different audience.

Community managers are becoming a big part of most brands’ communication and marketing teams. Over the years we’ve seen this role expand from just a few companies to almost any company that has an online presence. Not that online dealings are the only thing a community manager is charged with, but in today’s online economy, the online aspect does play a huge role.

But don’t let me tell you what a community manager should or shouldn’t be (even though I’ve been doing it for a few years myself). We actually want to know your thoughts on being a community manager.

Today we’re happy to tell you that we’ve teamed up with in preparation for Community Manager Appreciation Day (which is coming up on January 28th). On Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) we want to release an ebook on thoughts, tips and advice about being a community manager and we want your help to populate it.

Below is a link to a survey that we’re asking community managers to fill out so we can highlight you and your thoughts on being a great community manager. It’s not long, only about 7 questions, and would greatly help us, and your fellow community of community managers. So, if you’re a community manager, please take a few mins to fill out the survey.

Even if you’re not a community manager but you know one (maybe a friend, a colleague, a person behind a brand’s Twitter profile that you love talking to) please pass this along to them.



Thank you in advance and we’re really looking forward to seeing your responses!

We’ll also be sure to alert you when we release the ebook on Community Manager Appreciation Day.

The deadline to complete the survey is by the end of Wednesday January 23rd, so if you’re planning to fill out the survey we ask that you please do it sooner than later. Thanks!

Learning Boolean with Sysomos

 Do you know how to search using boolean searches? Do you even know why you would want to? Well, the reason you’d want to is because it will help you get much better results when you search. If you don’t know how to do a boolean search though, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In order to help our subscribers (and the general public) understand how we focus your searches to only pull in relevant information, we put together this great new video to help teach you.

Boolean is the use of the words AND, OR and NOT (as well as a few other things) within a search to really help you focus in on what’s actually important to you when you search. Boolean is a key player in how our Sysomos software, both MAP and Heartbeat, helps you to weed out the bad or unintended information you get when searching. OR helps you expand your search to include more information., AND helps to focus your search and NOT tells your search to stay away from certain information.

In order to help you understand these concepts better, we’ve put together this handy tutorial video that explains what a boolean search is and how to use it effectively. We used our Sysomos software for the purpose of this tutorial, but the lesson learned can be applied other places as well.

As an added bonus lesson for today, we wanted to show you how our Sysomos software helps sort all of this relevant information you just brought in using a boolean query. The following video shows how the use of queries and tags in our Heartbeat software bring in and make sense of information. Queries go out into the social world and bring the information back into our system. Using a boolean query (as we just learned how to do) will help to bring in the best quality information. Tags then help you to sort and make sense of all that information by placing it into the “buckets” that make the most sense for your purposes. Watch the video below to get a much better explaination.

A big thank you to the team at Think 33 for helping us to make these great videos.

So, are you feeling smarter yet?

This Christmas is Powered by Social Media

Around the office we always love to hear and share stories of what our clients are doing with Sysomos. Every so often there’s a story that’s just so cool we have to share it with the world. This is one of those stories.

In Union Station, here in our home town of Toronto, stands a 30-foot Christmas Tree that relies on social media Christmas spirit to light it up. Created by Tribal DDB for Canadian Tire, a Canadian national retailer, the tree takes positive Christmas chatter in social media and uses the data to light up the 30,000 LED lights strung around it. Each colour of light represents Christmas spirit coming from a different social channel. White lights represent social networks like Twitter and public Facebook statuses, red for blog and forum posts, green for online news, and blue lights for messages sent through text message and on The more social media spirit that comes in at one time the brighter the tree shines. As well, there are a few easter egg words (#santa, #snowflake, #magic) that you can send to the tree to make it do some pretty fancy light patterns.

Using Sysomos Heartbeat, we pull in a list of 50 Christmas keywords, in French and English, such as Santa, Christmas or elf from social media talk across Canada. We then analyze the sentiment of the messages pulled in. From there all the positive mentions get sent through an API to a machine designed to turn the social media Christmas data into a spectacular light show. This is the worlds first Christmas tree powered by Christmas spirit and social media and we’re really excited that we were able to be a part of it.

You can view a livestream of the Christmas tree in action at

As well, take a look at this video that talks a bit more about how the Christmas Spirit Tree works:

Have a happy holidays from all of us here at Sysomos!

Sysomos MAP Update; Extended Video Coverage and More

Our development team has been hard at work this summer to make sure that we’re constantly providing our customers with the very best in social media monitoring and analytics. Today we’re proud to say that we have yet another big update to our MAP software focusing on online videos.

MAP now searches more than just YouTube

There’s no doubt that YouTube is the largest and most used and trafficked site when it comes to online videos. For that reason we had given YouTube most of our video attention in the past. However, more and more different video sites have been gaining ground recently, especially with B2B organizations, and we haven’t let that go unnoticed. With our latest update, MAP now scans over 20 different video sites to help you get the entire picture of the social video sphere. Some of the video sites we now scan include,,,,,, and

Under the Social Media tab in MAP you can now chose to either continue a search with the YouTube search page or use the Video Search to expand beyond just YouTube. You can even use the Domain Filter to only search a video site specific to your needs.


Analyze a YouTube Channel

Another exciting update to our video capabilities is the ability to analyze a YouTube channel. Previously we helped to scan and provide analytics on specific videos, but now we help you to get a larger picture around an entire YouTube channel.

Summarized in report format is total video views, a summary of the channel profile, a list of most recent/relevant/popular videos, a list of comments on the five most recent uploads and a BuzzGraph based on the comments.


Twitter sentiment UI

Sometimes negative and even positive tweets can adversely affect strategic decision making or your campaign planning process. However, you previously weren’t able to remove certain tweets for reporting purposes in the Twitter sentiment section of MAP. We’ve now updated the UI so that you can remove undesired positive or negative tweets.

On the Sentiment Summary page in MAP, hover the mouse over a select tweet to reveal an ‘X’ in the top right corner. Click on the ‘X’ to temporarily remove the tweet from the display before doing a screen capture to include in reports and presentations.

That’s all for this update. But as I said above, our developers have been working hard this summer and have more excellent product updates coming soon.

As always, if you’re a Sysomos customer and have any questions about these latest updates, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager who will gladly answer your questions.

Sysomos MAP & Heartbeat Updates: Social Footprint, Aggregated Analytics and Scheduled Tweets

If you’re a Sysomos subscriber you may have noticed over the past two weeks some new and exciting features trickling into the software. Today we want to highlight some of the big features that we think people will be very excited about in our MAP and Heartbeat platforms.

Social Footprint: The ability to connect the dots between where people are and what they do online is becoming more and more important. Being able to connect a Twitter account to the blog they write can come in handy when trying to contact people in many different situations like finding and talking to influencers or when dealing with a crisis situation. Users will now be able to connect these dots in both MAP and Heartbeat with Social Footprint. Social Footprint will allow users of MAP and Heartbeat to connect the author of posts viewed in the system to their other accounts around the web on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube,, LinkedIn, Quora, Foursquare and many others.

In order to view an authors Social Footprint just click on the second tab beside an individual post (the one that looks like a person) and both MAP and Heartbeat will pull up the author’s other online profiles.




Aggregated Analytics: Previously in MAP most data was available by individual mediums, but sometimes you want to know the big picture across more than one network. MAP now allows users to view data from more than one source at the same time. You can now view data such as sentiment, geography, word clouds and buzzgraphs across multiple channels at the same time.

These new data sets can be found on the right hand tab of the MAP dashboard. Users can select to look at the data from all sources or just the ones of interest at the time; such as blogs and Twitter, but not news or forums. Simply select the channels you’d like to aggregate the data from at the top of each page and click apply.





Scheduled Tweets: We all know that it’s hard to be in front of a computer all day long, but that doesn’t stop the need for information to go out at certain times. This is why we’ve introduced the ability to schedule tweets right from within Heartbeat. Simply navigate to the Twitter tab in Heartbeat and find the “Post a Tweet” section under the user profile. Enter your tweet into the box then select if you want to post the tweet immediately or at a future time. If you want to schedule a tweet for a future time select the date, then the time and then click “Post Status Update.” It’s that simple.

Those are just a few of the exciting updates that we’ve recently released. Some other updates now in MAP and Heartbeat include:

  • A cleaner look and UI for YouTube search in MAP
  • You can now remove words from the buzzgraph in Heartbeat just as you could previously in MAP
  • Detailed Entity reports in Heartbeat under the Text Analytics tab
  • The ability to email PDF’s of reports directly from Heartbeat
  • And secure HTTPS logins for both MAP and Heartbeat

An email containing details about these and other features will be coming out to all MAP and Heartbeat subscribers, but if you ever have any questions about updates please reach out to your account manager who will be more than happy to tell you more and teach you about all of our updates.

We have even more great updates scheduled to be released very soon, so stay tuned!

Sysomos Product Update: Gender Analysis for Twitter and Facebook

Once again, we at Sysomos are pleased to bring you another big and unique update to both our MAP and Heartbeat software.

Unlike many of the other social networks, Twitter users are not asked to reveal their gender. On Facebook, users identify themselves as male or female, but that information is not publicly accessible. However, people who are trying to reach specific target audiences still want this information. So, over the weekend we updated both MAP and Heartbeat to include a new analysis feature that will help identify the gender for Twitter and Facebook users in an easy to read graph.

How are we able to do this? We spent a long, long time creating a database of names. Our list contains common names in English and many languages from around the world. In addition to just reading names, our latest analysis feature looks for clues in a user’s profile and content. There always are cases where a machine can not judge if a user is male or female, e.g., ambiguous names or brands. In a case like the name Jamie, which could belong to either a male or female, we look for clues in their profile like “mother of 3″ to determine that this Jamie is a female. We have tuned our algorithm to be conservative such that it makes almost no mistakes. Using disclosed names along with clues from user profiles and content, it is able to accurately classify two users out of three, with the remaining one-third being marked as “don’t know”.

This latest update is one of the most unique in the entire industry, especially with such a high level of accuracy. We think that everyone using our software to accurately approach and/or research their target audiences will find this feature extremely useful.

As always, if you are a current Sysomos subscriber and have any questions about our latest updates, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

Keep your eyes here on the blog for more updates coming in the future.