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Calgary Stays Strong And Stampedes On [Infographic]

Just over two weeks ago, the city of Calgary thought that for the first time in 101 years there would be no Stampede. The Calgary Stampede is a yearly event for the city that brings in thousands of tourists and brings the residents to life to celebrate the cowboy ways of the Canadian prairies. However, this year, severe flooding in the city and other areas in southern Alberta had the city wondering if the Stampede was actually going to happen this year.

In wake of this tragedy for the province of Alberta, we created a Marketwired Report around the social media chatter that happened during and after the flooding. Inside, we took a look at how the province stayed strong during the crisis despite major cities being entirely evacuated, how the Calgary mayor kept his city safe and informed and how Calgary anxiously awaited the fate of the beloved Stampede all through social media.

For a quick snapshot of what’s in the report, we also created this infographic around Stampede related social mentions as the city of Calgary was unsure if there would be one this year.

From June 20th, the day the flooding started, to June 30th the Calgary Stampede was mentioned in social media 21,992 times. First, they started by wondering if the Stampede was going to be called off this year. They later became conversations of joy as it was announced that there would be a Stampede despite the damage to the city. The mentions also went on to praise this year’s fitting slogan, “Come Hell Or High Water.”

If you’d like to read the full report around social chatter during the Alberta floods and get a feel for what kind of Marketwired Reports are possible, click here to view the entire report for free.

As for our friends in Alberta, we want to help them in their relief efforts. To do so, we’ve set up a donation page to help fund The Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods Fund and ask for your help as well. We’re going to match donations up to $5,000 to give to the Red Cross so that Alberta can stay strong and rebuild. Please consider helping us by donating here.

The Future Of Investing And The Great Social Shift [Infographic]

A few weeks back the SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission) ruled that public companies were now free to release their important information though social media channels. Since this ruling there has been a debate in the investment community as to what this means for the future of the industry. Some welcome the use of social media while others are continuing to lobby that the way things were worked just fine.

Because of this debate, we took to the street, Wall Street, to ask the people that this ruling will affect what they thought. We surveyed stock brokers, financial and market analysts, financial advisors, individual traders and fund managers, and made their results into the infographic below.

What we learned by doing this was that Wall Street, and investor relations in general, is changing. As the younger generation that embraces technology is coming into power in the workplace, we found that they are also the new workforce that embraces social media. And for more than just keeping in touch with friends.

We found that the investment crowd under 40 support the SEC’s decision to allow the distribution of information through social media. In fact, 60% of those surveyed and were under 40 said that they regularly consult social channels to research investments. But it’s not just the under 40 crowd. 40% of all survey respondents said that they were using social media to find information.

We also found that 49% of our responders companies blocked social media from the workplace, making it hard for them to use it as a source while at work. However, 48% of those people said that they had witnessed colleagues using personal devices, like a smartphone or tablet, to consult social media for investment information anyways.

It appears that the younger generation of investors is rewriting how business is done, and social seems to be part of it.

What do you think?

Product Updates: Influencer Bio Searches, Google+ Fan Pages and More

Today we have some great product updates and a big announcement

In our continued pursuit of excellence here at Sysomos we have some exciting developments to share with you today. As usual with these emails, we have some great updates to both the MAP and Heartbeat software that we think you’re really going to enjoy. But first, we have something even more exciting to tell you about…

Sysomos is now officially a Twitter Certified Partner!


Being a part of the Twitter Certified Partner Program solidifies the benefit we provide in helping businesses learn and act upon what their customers are saying on Twitter. Being part of this program allows us to take full advantage of the Twitter platform and innovate to solve business needs. Essentially this means that our products will be constantly improving to make sure you are getting the best possible information and insights from Twitter to do your job better.


And now, here’s our latest round of product updates:


Twitter Trends

With brands always looking for ways to benefit from real-time marketing, it’s important for them to know what’s going on and what people are talking about at all times. That’s why we’ve added a new section to both MAP and Heartbeat that shows you what is currently trending on Twitter. These trending topics can be viewed on a worldwide basis, by country or even as specific as major cities around the world. So whether you’re a global, national or local business, you can see what the people who matter to you are talking about.

In MAP, this feature can be found in the left-hand column of the dashboard. In Heartbeat you can find it on the right-hand column of the Twitter tab.

Updated Tutorial Videos

As part of a continued commitment to our clients, you will notice updates to the Help section of both Heartbeat and MAP. In the Heartbeat Help section you can find 11 new tutorial videos and 5 new downloadable cheat sheets. In MAP there are 11 new tutorial videos and 2 new downloadable cheat sheets. The look and layout of the help section in Heartbeat and training section in MAP has also changed to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. Continue to watch for more updates in the coming weeks!


Twitter Influencer Bio Search

Not everyone talks a lot about their work or interests on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean they’re not influential to others about those things. With our new Twitter Bio Search you can now search directly in people’s bios for ways they describe themselves.  The Bio Search also allows you to look for people with certain numbers of followers and apply country filters to your search. So now, you can find moms from Toronto with more than 500 followers, but less than 1000. Or you can find dentists in Chicago with over 5000 followers.


Analyze A Google+ Fan Page

With Google+ being the latest social network to get its feet underneath it, it’s important to know what’s happening with your company’s page. Now you can link your Google+ Fan Page directly into your Heartbeat so you can always know exactly what is going on. Just like Facebook and LinkedIn pages in Heartbeat, the addition of Google+ will show you the latest activity on your page, a buzzgraph of what’s being said and the overall sentiment of the page. If you’d like to attach your Google+ Fan Page to your Heartbeat, your account manager would be more than happy to help you do so.

Edit Email Alerts

We’ve made it easier to edit your email alerts that come from Heartbeat. The importance of things that you monitor can sometimes change from not important to very important, or from very important to not so important, so your update frequencies will need to change as well. Rather than starting from scratch on the alert, we’ve made it easy to go in and edit how and when you receive them. Simply go into the Email Subscriptions tab in your Settings and you can quickly change the settings to any of your email alerts.

New User Roles

As social media teams expand within companies, we’ve discovered a greater need for different roles and what they can do in Heartbeat. Because of this we’ve added two new roles that you can assign to people on your team; Supervisor and Director. These are in addition to the roles that already exist; User, Manager and Administrator. These changes can be made in the Manage Users section of Settings.

Introducing Sysomos Publishing

Monitor, analyze and publish all from within Heartbeat

When we first started, Sysomos focused primarily on monitoring and analyzing everything that is said in social media. Over the years, the social media landscape has evolved beyond simply listening to conversations – people are actively participating in discussions with their customers, peers and influencers. Our users wanted a single, unified platform to do everything in one place, from monitoring to publishing. Today, we are announcing exactly that.Throughout 2012 we released 104 product updates, making Sysomos not only the most advanced social media analytics platform, but also a place where brands can engage their online communities. To deliver a truly holistic, end-to-end social platform, we are releasing our Publishing Tab and Content Calendar.Keep reading to find out all of the great features that are now available with this latest update to Heartbeat.
Content Calendar
All published and scheduled messages are displayed in a user-friendly calendar format that helps your team maintain and stay on top of a well-defined content calendar for weeks at a time. All entries in the Content Calendar are colour-coded based on their status. A list view is also available for printing and exporting.Schedule Messages to Multiple Accounts with Multimedia
You can easily schedule messages to multiple accounts, including Twitter and Facebook, at once. For Twitter, you can also attach images and for Facebook, a customizable multimedia preview is added for URLs automatically.

Customize Time Zone
Each user can select the time zone in which they would like to schedule publishing and view the content calendar. This allows globally dispersed teams to collaborate more easily.

Manage Approvers
For each social channel, including Facebook and Twitter, you can define content approvers. Once this functionality is set up, nothing will be published without first being approved. This allows your larger team to create content, but go through an approval process before actually publishing.

Publishing Stats
Heartbeat’s new publishing section also provides statistics on how much content you are publishing. You can view this report across all social channels or for specific ones individually.

Outlook Integration
The Content Calendar can be easily integrated with your personal Outlook or mobile phone. No more logging in to Heartbeat to see what is scheduled and everything will be automatically synced in the cloud.

Workflow Log
Everything you do is recorded in our Workflow module, making the entire process auditable and accountable.

Best of all, everything is fully integrated in Heartbeat’s existing monitoring and analytics user interface. This means that whether you engage from the Your Heartbeats page, reply from Twitter Engagement Central, or schedule using the Publish page, everything works in unison. For the first time, our users have a fully integrated social platform providing end-to-end functionality.


If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about our new publishing features, please feel free to reach out to your account manager.

If you’re not a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about the new publishing and other great Sysomos features, feel free to contact us.


UPDATE: Check out our tutorial on how Sysomos Publishing works

Using the Publish Tab from Marketwire on Vimeo.

The Nicest Person in Social Media 2012

Clifford Brown of Waukesha, Wisconsin says that he thinks that he’s a pretty nice guy and that he always tries to mind his manners in social media. It turns out though, that Clifford is actually the nicest man in social media for 2012.

You know the old Christmas lore that the kids on Santa’s naughty list get a lump of coal in their stocking? Well, Kingsford Charcoal, a client of ours, got sick of their product always being associated with the naughty side of the list and decided to do something about it by flipping Santa’s list on it’s head. Kingsford decided that they wanted to give the nicest person in social media a BBQ, grilling supplies and of course, a whole lot of coal.

Kingsford came to us for help developing a algorithmic script to dig through billions of Twitter conversations to find an “average joe” that said “please,” “thanks” and “thank you” the most on Twitter throughout 2012. Once we narrowed the list down to a few finalists we also looked for those who didn’t cuss and had an overall positive sentiment rating around them. In the end, the nicest man on Twitter wound up being Mr. Brown, who said “please,” “thanks” or “thank you” over 1,500 times.

Santa surprised Clifford last Friday with his coal:

This was a really great idea to put a twist on an old tradition and we were really happy to be a part of it.

Kingsford didn’t finish with Mr. Brown though. They also want to know who you think the nicest person in social media is. You can nominate someone by tweeting at them with your nomination and the hashtag #BeNiceGetCoal and a random winner will also receive a year’s supply of charcoal. You can check out their blog for the official contest rules.

Product Updates: We Tell You The Best Time To Tweet and More

The year may almost be over, but we’re not slowing down.  We have a ton of new features for MAP and Heartbeat that we’ve recently added and are excited to share with you. A lot of these features make your social media data easier to access, view, understand and, of course, give you insights into your online communities.Some of these new features include a way to see when the best time to reach your Twitter followers, quick access to data around spikes in conversations, and aggregated data for companies using multiple Heartbeats. Just keep reading to learn more about these and other exciting updates.
   Best Time To Tweet
Over the years, multiple studies have been done to show when Twitter users are most active. We even released some statistics around this a few years ago. The problem with these stats is that they’re a generalization of the entire Twitterverse, but may not necessarily be true of your specific Twitter audience. As of right now, we have a solution to that problem for you.

Now in both MAP and Heartbeat you can see when a specific Twitter account’s followers are most active. This chart looks at when the account’s followers tweet and colour codes the activity by date and hour. The darker blue a square is, the more activity is happening in that hour. This will give brands the knowledge to know when their communities are most engaged on Twitter, which is likely the best time to tweet to them. The chart will also show you averages for weekdays and weekends.

The Best Time To Tweet chart can be found under the Twitter User Details tab in MAP and the Analyze tab of Twitter Engagement Central.

Highlights of Activity Spikes from Popularity Charts
We’ve made it easier to see what’s causing an activity spike in MAP’s Popularity Charts. Previously, you would highlight an activity spike to narrow in on specific dates and spike, then refine your entire query to look at data from the spike. Now, when you highlight an activity spike in the chart, highlights of that spike appear underneath.

When you highlight an activity spike, we now show you a word cloud and buzzgraph to show you highlights of the conversation causing the spike. As well, the highlights section shows you demographic data about who’s talking to cause the spike.

See More Data Around the Most Retweeted Tweets
Have you ever wanted to know more about who’s retweeting popular tweets? Well, MAP now gives you a way to see more data around the people retweeting. Under the Most Retweeted Twitter tab, hover over a specific popular retweet and you’ll now see options to click on more information about the Reach of the tweet in question and the Demographics of the retweeters.

Analyze A LinkedIn Page
MAP now gives you the ability to analyze the activity on any companies LinkedIn page. This could be your page, a competitors, or any company you might be interested in knowing more about. Simply put in the company’s LinkedIn page’s URL and click analyze.

MAP will then bring up information around what’s happening on that page. You’ll see information around how many people follow that page, number of posts, number of likes for posts, product information and recommendations, latest updates, a word cloud of the activity on the page and sentiment.

New CSV Formatting
Content search CSV exports will be updated to a new enhanced format on Friday, November30th. Currently, different media sources each have their own format for content CSV exports. With this update, a single unified format will be used across all sources when exporting search content. New CSVs will also include local time in addition to EST timestamps.

If you are not ready for the new CSVs, you can temporarily switch back to the existing format by navigating to the Settings page. The current format will be available till Jan 31, 2013 for compatibility before being retired.


New Activity Summaries for Click-Throughs on Charts
On the Heartbeat dashboard we give you a high view of all the information that you can find as you make your way through the platform. But sometimes you want that information even faster. We heard you ask, and have now made all the charts in the dashboard clickable to take you to a summary page for that specific information.

For example, if you notice a spike in Twitter activity for a certain day on your dashboard, simply click on that spike in the activity summary and you’ll be transported to a summary page for that information. The summary page will show you a 24-hour breakdown of the Twitter activity on that day. You will also find other Sysomos leading analytics, such as sentiment and text analytics, for the specific data you’re looking at on the summary page.

More Aggregated Data for Heartbeat Enterprise View
Some of the larger brands that we work with require more than one Heartbeat to keep track of all their data. That was why earlier this year we released Heartbeat Enterprise View. As of today, it’s now easier to see all the information you need from these multiple Heartbeats together in one place.

First, we have updated the Enterprise View measure page. You can now compare your Heartbeats side-by-side to see how different aspects of your social business are stacking up. In addition to this, we’ve also given you the ability to see the information from multiple Heartbeats combined.

Second, we have added advanced filtering to the Enterprise View measure tab. This means that you can get very specific with the aggregated data that you’re looking at. For example, you can now look at the data from multiple Heartbeats together, but only in the USA and all data but not Twitter.

Lastly, we’ve also updated the email updates for Enterprise view. You can now get email updates sent to you that compare your multiple Heartbeats, or see all the data combined right in your inbox.

If you are already a Sysomos subscriber and want to learn more about any of these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact your account reps.

And if you’re not a Sysomos subscriber but would like to learn about these and other features of MAP and Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us.

Official Twitter Apps Get The Most Use–Especially Mobile Apps

Last week Twitter announced that they would be making changes to their API that developers use to access all kinds of content and information from the social network. In the announcement blog post, Michael Sippey laid out the new rules for developers and what they’re calling version 1.1 of the Twitter API. The apparent undertones of all of these new rules show that Twitter is trying to make a universal experience for everyday users of their services. In layman’s terms, they want consumers to use official and officially endorsed Twitter clients instead of those built by third parties on their own.

Some of the changes that Sippey announced included:

  • “Required authentication on every API endpoint” (meaning no anonymous accessing of data)
  • “A new per-endpoint rate-limiting methodology” (limiting the number of API calls a program can make to Twitter per hour)
  • “Changes to our Developer Rules of the Road, especially around applications that are traditional Twitter clients” (which include strict guidelines for how any client can display tweets, having any device that comes pre-loaded with a Twitter client to be certified, and apps with large amounts of users to work directly with Twitter on their products)

[NOTE: The bracketed italicized explanations are mine, not Sippey’s.]

Twitter made a similar announcement last year when they started to make their push for a more consistent user experience. At the time of that announcement, we got intrigued and investigated which Twitter clients were actually being used. In that investigation we found that 58% of tweets were already coming from official (applications they actually own and/or operate) Twitter clients. With this latest announcement on their quest to make the user experience more consistent, we’ve decided to update our numbers from last year.

Looking at 300,000 tweets per hour over the course of August 14-16 2012, we found some very interesting results that have significantly changed from what we saw last year. For one, the use of official Twitter clients has seen a significant rise. In March of 2011 we found that 58% of tweets were coming from these official clients. Now, official Twitter clients are putting out 71% of all tweets.

Even more interesting is the shift towards mobile that we found. The Twitter website is still where the greatest number of tweets originate from, accounting for 23.36% of the tweets we analyzed (last year the site accounted for 35.4%). The remainder of that 71% is coming from official Twitter clients on mobile devices (phones and tablets), or their official mobile site. Twitter for iPhone is the most used mobile client (17.85%), followed by Twitter for Android (13.2%) and then Twitter for Blackberry (12.4%). What this is showing us is that Twitter is increasingly being used as a quick and mobile way to stay in touch with friends and the world. Rather than logging into the site or using a desktop client, more people opt for the ease of their always-accessible mobile devices.

Even when we look to the non-official Twitter clients being used to send tweets, the top two are Ubersocial For Blackberry (3.07%) and Echofon (1.87%). Both of which are Twitter clients for mobile devices.


As Twitter makes changes and tries to take back control of how everyday consumers use Twitter and see tweets, it turns out that they may not have as much to worry about as first thought. Yes, there are  lot of people still using third party clients to access tweets, but Twitter’s official apps seem to have a huge dominance in the market currently.

So, what client are you using to access Twitter? Is it on your computer’s desktop or on a mobile device?

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Olympic Champions – Athletes & Brands

The Olympics are over. The medals have all been won. The ceremonies have all been held. The tweets have all been tweeted.

What was known as the first ever social Olympics has come to a close. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this year’s Games was the most social worldwide event ever. People took to all social networks to join in on the conversation. And it wasn’t just people that took advantage of the social media chatter, but brands as well. So who was being talked about most?

Working with our friends at Banyan Branch, we analyzed the social talk around the top athletes and the official Olympic sponsor brands by finding them in Olympic conversations or along side the #London2012 hashtag. We sifted through all this data to declare the gold, silver and bronze winners over the course of the Olympics. And of course, we put our results into an infographic for you to enjoy.

For the athletes, Michael Phelps garnered the most social talk, followed closely by Usain Bolt and then Gabrielle Douglas. For the brands, P&G ran away with the gold. In a distant second place was Coca-Cola followed by Visa. We also dug a bit deeper into these mentions of top athletes and brands to see who was talking about them. One of the most interesting things we found was how different ages talked differently about brands associated with the Olympics. The average age of people talking about Samsung came in at 29, but the average age of people talking about Acer was 42 years old.

Take a look at some of the other stats below. Are you surprised by anything you see? Let us know in the comments.

New Look, New Sentiment Languages and More Updates. Oh My!

Lots of updates to Sysomos products including sentiment in Spanish and German, a new look for the MAP dashboard and more engagement features 

We updated our Sysomos software just a little over a week ago by introducing Engagement Central and we’ve already made some more great updates to both MAP and Heartbeat. In this update we’ve added sentiment analysis in two more languages, Spanish and German. We’ve also added a few more bells and whistles to Engagement Central in Heartbeat to make engaging with your audience a better and richer experience. As well, we’ve given the Dashboard in MAP an all new (and pretty snazzy looking) makeover. Keep reading to learn more about all our new updates.


Multilingual Sentiment 

Earlier this year we started to expand on the languages that our industry-leading sentiment analysis engine could understand. In February we started analyzing sentiment in French, on top of English. Now we’re pleased to add two more languages to our capabilities; Spanish and German. We put a lot of hard work into creating new sentiment engines for each language and not just doing basic translations of our English engine to ensure that you get the best possible results.The multilingual sentiment will be automatically turned on in MAP (please note that, because you may see changes in your reporting right away). For Heartbeat, the Multilanguage sentiment is still opt-in and can be turned on with the help of your Account Manager.

Edit Your Word Cloud

Every once and a while a word gets mentioned a lot in conjunction with your query, but it doesn’t quite fit in with what you’re reporting on. Heartbeat and MAP now give you the ability to remove words from the word cloud to help make your reporting more accurate.

New Features for Engagement Central

Just a few a weeks ago we unveiled Engagement Central, a useful way to engage with your Twitter and Facebook audiences without ever having to leave the Heartbeat program. We got a lot of great feedback on Engagement Central and are excited to say that we’ve already managed to make it better and more useful. The new features include:

  • Post Rich Media to Your Facebook Fan PageHeartbeat has allowed you to post new status updates directly to your Facebook Fan Page in the past, but now you can add rich media and links. Simply add the link to your status update in Engagement Central and it will show up with the full preview right on your Fan Page.
  • See Conversation History on Twitter Have you ever gone to respond to someone on Twitter, but couldn’t remember earlier parts of the conversation because they were hours or even days before? That’s no longer a problem as we’ve added conversation history between you and the person you’re talking to right in the tooltip below the message box.

You’ll find the conversation history directly under the response box in the Engage tooltip

View Workflow History inside the Tooltip

Just like knowing the past of a conversation is important, so is knowing exactly what you or a team member has done in the past. Engagement Central now allows you to see the workflow history of interactions with your audience. For example, if one of your teammates gave a coupon to a Twitter follower in their last interaction, you will know about it in subsequent interactions and can leave notes for the next teammate as well.


Compare Facebook Fan Pages

The Compare tab in Heartbeat now allows you to add Facebook Fan Pages into your list of items to compare. If you have multiple Facebook Fan Pages (for instance different pages for different countries) you can now compare the activity from each of these side-by-side. As well, you can compare your Facebook Fan Page activity (wall posts and comments) against each other or any other of your tags in Heartbeat.

Please note that this feature is only available to Facebook Page Central subscribers.


As well, we’ve now made the Sentiment Measurement tab information exportable to a CSV for your reporting purposes.

Analyze a Google+ Page

MAP now gives you the ability to analyze a Google+ page just like it does for Facebook. Simply enter the URL of yours or any Google+ page in the Analyze A Fan Page Section of the Google+ tab. Inside you can view sentiment for the page and a buzzgraph made up from recent posts.


Brand New Look for the MAP Dashboard

The last update we have to tell you about today is probably the most exciting. As of today the Dashboard in MAP has an all new look. Not only does the dashboard look nicer, but we also give you more top level information about blogs, Twitter, online news, forums and videos right off the bat. See the screenshots below to see the new Dashboard look.

You’ll also find that the Most Authoratative page under the Twitter tab has a new look too.

If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and have any questions or require assistance with any of these new updates, please feel free to contact your account manager who will be happy to assist. If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber but would like to take a look at our software, please feel free to contact us.

Engage More with Less Effort Through Sysomos Heartbeat

Introducing Engagement Central in Sysomos Heartbeat

Engaging with your audience has become the main reason that most companies venture into the social space. The problem is that you have one tool for listening, one for publishing to one platform, one for publishing to another, one tool for learning about your fans and followers, and one for reporting. But not anymore. With our latest update to Heartbeat, Engagement Central, Heartbeat becomes your one-stop place to do all of the above. Best of all, there’s no additional cost for this new feature and like all Sysomos software, nothing to download and install.

Researching and engaging people that are talking about your brand doesn’t have to be hard, and we’ve just made it even easier. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting new Engagement Central in Heartbeat.

Heartbeat has always given users the ability to reply to tweets or Facebook posts directly from the tool tips in the Your Heartbeats tab. Our new Engagement Central still gives you an area to do this, but also so much more. You can do more without ever leaving Heartbeat.

Engage, Engage, and Engage

Deep integration with the Sysomos Heartbeat product suite allows effortless engagement from anywhere. You don’t need to have multiple social media tools.

Add Multiple Accounts

Link all of your Twitter accounts and Facebook Fan Pages to Engagement Central to manage them all from a single place.

Post, Reply and Schedule

Send out new messages/updates or reply and comment on an incoming one. integration is available for URL shortening. Schedule tweets for future publication.

Direct Messages and Re-tweets

Send and receive direct messages on Twitter. Follow, unfollow, re-tweet and much more in just a click.

Follower Analytics

Detailed analytics reports based on your followers. See the most authoritative followers or breakdowns by country or gender. Understand your follower’s demographics through our informative visuals.

Workflow and Collaboration

Engagement Central is designed for team collaboration. All actions and outgoing messages are recorded in an activity log. Workflow reporting keeps track of open cases and active assignments.

If you’re already a Heartbeat user and would like further information, or help connecting your Twitter accounts or Facebook Fan Pages to Heartbeat’s Engagement Central, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

If you’re not already using Heartbeat but would like to check it out, please feel free to contact us.