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Brand Monitoring: Why Text Is No Longer Enough

Building your brand is now more complicated than ever before. You have practically endless options for promoting your business. There’s blogging, pay-per-click advertising, social media, videos, SEO and traditional offline advertising, to name just a few of your options. Deciding which platforms and strategies to focus on requires a great deal of research, brand monitoring…

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Social Data Through An Academic Lens

It’s always interesting to see how different groups of practitioners use social data. In my world as a marketer, we constantly discuss how brands can use social data to satisfy a business need, provide insights and/or gain buy-in and prove ROI. This last week in London, The Social Media and Society conference convened academic researchers from…

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How Euro 2016 Played Out On Twitter

The vin rouge has stopped flowing and the international fans have made their way home, as the Euro 2016 football tournament has come to a close with Portugal crowned champions. During the event itself, which began on June 10th and ended on July 10th, the contest was mentioned a massive 24 million times on Twitter. The…

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Join Us at Social Media and Society

Welcome! This blog post is an extension of our Sysomos In The Classroom program, which puts Sysomos products into the hands of academic professors, students and researchers. We’re accepting applications for the 2016-17 academic year. If your interest is piqued, please visit the web page and apply! This week in London, we’re attending and supporting the International Conference on Social…

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Guest Post: Focusing On Actionable Insight

There are too many buzzwords in marketing land. However, just because a term is buzzy doesn’t mean that’s a negative thing. As with any trend, sometimes the original meaning of the word or phrase is lost due to over-usage. Today, we go back to basics with the phrase ‘actionable insight’ in a guest post at Bizibl Marketing. The…

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Millenial Speak: Can’t Even

I’m a linguistic nerd. I often wonder why words are used in certain ways throughout the globe. English is a perfect language for a linguistic nerd because it’s used all over the globe and often regions close to one another use English terms differently. Continuing our series on terms being used on social media (yesterday…

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