Social Media

Why Sysomos is Four Marketing Tools In One

As a practitioner who’s worked in the corporate community management and social marketing worlds for the last decade or so, I’ve used a wide variety of tools in my work. When I first joined Sysomos in February, I knew Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat were very useful for social listening and monitoring, but what I’ve found…

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Which UK newspapers are winning on Twitter?

Britain’s newspapers have navigated through the social media era with mixed success and in many ways the technology has transformed our country’s news-media industry. In this blog post we’ve analysed the Twitter followers of all the leading national newspapers to see if we can learn anything interesting. The first thing we did was compare conventional…

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Images on Social Media: How to Win

Last week Instagram announced that the photo sharing service now serves 400 million active users. There’s a very good reason for this; people are drawn to exciting and intriguing images. Images catch the eye a lot quicker and easier than just plain text does. Especially when users are quickly scrolling through social feeds of any kind. With…

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