Social Media

Analysing The Corbyn Effect In Social Media

The Labour Party leadership contest is dominating headlines in the UK, and the sudden success of the previously unknown Jeremy Corbyn has caught everybody by surprise. We analysed online discussions about Corbyn using our Sysomos MAP tool to see if we could learn anything about how he’s leapt from obscurity to become the favourite candidate….

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The End of Rose In Cannes As We Know It!

Well, maybe not…but after attending the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival for the past few years as a Media company person (First with Microsoft and then with Clear Channel) it was a different experience bringing my new CEO of Sysomos to Cannes for the first time. Seeing the festival through the eyes of a Big Data…

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Expion Joins #TeamSysomos

  Today I’m thrilled to announce that Sysomos has acquired Expion, a leading social marketing platform. Expion has been recently recognized by Forrester as “one of the most significant social relationship platform providers,” for their content management and publishing capabilities, which will perfectly complement our robust, data-driven analytics platform. Together, Sysomos and Expion will give more…

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