The Value of One-to-One Customer Support for SaaS

There are few things in the world more frustrating than contacting a general support line or email address and getting a new person each time. Whether you’re calling about cell phone service, auto insurance, or software support, we’ve all experienced the familiar frustration of sitting in a support queue before. This is called the one-to-many…

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How Many People Use Social Media?

You already know that social media is here and growing all the time. That said, it’s important to keep track of some of the specific data regarding the different social networks; it allows you to target the right social networks and plan more effective campaigns. So let’s take a look at some recent developments in social media…

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Presentamos SET: Sysomos Everything Together

A menudo la gente nos pregunta qué significa el nombre “Sysomos”.  No, no viene del latín que quiere decir gente excepcional haciendo cosas excepcionales . Se refiere al término griego que significa “todo junto”.  Buscábamos un término para ejemplificar la esencia de lo que nuestros dos primeros productos hacen (MAP y Heartbeat) y significa la…

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Hands On With Sysomos Influence

Now that Sysomos Influence has been out in the wild for a week, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a hands-on tour of this exciting new product! My background is in influencer marketing, so this is a tool I’m super excited about Sysomos having in the market. Influence or influencer marketing, for those…

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