What Social Transformation Means for 2017

At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I joined Digital Hollywood’s conference for the eleventh consecutive year, this time moderating a panel around the theme of social transformation. Just what does transformation mean when it comes to social media this year? Some of the highlights from the panel are below. I couldn’t have hand-picked a…

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Why Paid Social Is More Important Than Ever

The old mantra in online marketing is that ‘social media is free’. Sure, it’s $0 to sign up for a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account for your business and it’s easy to publish links or original content out via your earned properties. Getting your message into the streams, timelines, and inboxes of those who matter to your…

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How Many People Use Social Media?

You already know that social media is here and growing all the time. That said, it’s important to keep track of some of the specific data regarding the different social networks; it allows you to target the right social networks and plan more effective campaigns. So let’s take a look at some recent developments in social media…

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